Gallery: Sunsets around the world

Start your weekend off right with some sky-eye candy: Fabulous sunset pics posted by our Facebook friends around the world. Enjoy!

These fabulous sunsets are just a few of the great pics posted by our Facebook friends. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful images!

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New Albany, Indiana. Photo credit: Duke Marsh

Littleton, Colorado. Photo credit: Angela Mosley

Tuscon, Arizona. Photo credit: ARC Photography

Indian Creek, Utah. Photo credit: Abigail Hall

Sardinia, Italy. Photo credit: Casa Sardegna Vacanza Ogliastra

Donsol, Philippines. Image credit: Jv Noriega

Cortland, Illinois. Photo credit: Carlos Colón Sr.

Madrid, Spain. Photo credit: Annie Lewis

Victoria, Australia. Photo credit: Lynton Brown

Whitefish, Montana. Photo credit: Lucy Bee

Photo credit: Sandra Williams

Sunset Nord-Tronderlag, Norway. Photo credit: Geir Walmann

Eleanor Imster