Bob Brakenridge tracks world flooding in real time

Is flooding increasing around the world? EarthSky talks with Bob Brakenridge, founder of the Dartmouth Flood Observatory, about mapping global flooding in this 8-minute *Clear Voices for Science* podcast.

‘One question, of course, is whether the frequency and magnitude of floods are increasing through time. There are many predictions that due to a warmer atmosphere this should be the case.’
– Bob Brakenridge

Many climate models predict more climate extremes as this century progresses. If the models are correct, we can expect more droughts, and more flooding. In this 8-minute podcast, EarthSky’s Lindsay Patterson talks with Dartmouth geographer Bob Brakenridge, who founded the Dartmouth Flood Observatory in 1993.

With an extensive website and nearly real-time tracking capability, the Observatory’s map collection shows the long-term, global effects of floods.

This podcast was made possible by NASA’s Terra Mission, helping us better understand and protect our home planet.

Our thanks to:
Bob Brakenridge
Dartmouth Flood Observatory

Lindsay Patterson