Best Flickr photos of Hurricane Irene

Where is Irene now?

As Hurricane Irene roared up the U.S. East Coast over the weekend of August 27-28, 2011 – leaving at least 15 people dead from Puerto Rico to New York, causing an estimated $3 billion in damage and cutting electric power to more than four million homes and businesses across the eastern U.S. (according to SFGate) – many professional as well as amateur photographers helped document the event. We’ve posted some of the best of the Flickr photos below.

Image Credit: Mattb4rd

August 26. Irene moving up U.S. coast. This image was taken by Mattb4rd on Flickr at Amelia Island, the southernmost of the Sea Islands, a chain of barrier islands that stretches along the East Coast of the United States from South Carolina to Florida. Irene passed here on August 26, 2011.

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Image Credit: Virginia National Guard

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Image Credit: National Guard

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August 26. Preparing for Irene. In the first photo above, Virginia National Guard soldiers from the West Point-based 237th Engineer Company prepare for possible duty in response to Hurricane Irene in Onancock, Virginia. The Virginia National Guard was authorized to bring up to 300 personnel on state active duty for possible missions including high water transport and light debris removal. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Andrew H. Owen, Virginia Guard Public Affairs)

In the second photo above, more than 600 evacuees from Ocean City, Maryland were housed in the Maryland National Guard’s Fifth Regiment Armory in Baltimore, Maryland. This is the view on August 26, 2011 just as the evacuation began. The evacuees are mostly young adults on work and student visas. The students were evacuated as part of the governor’s declared state of emergency in anticipation of extreme weather conditions brought on by Hurricane Irene threatening the East Coast.

Image Credit: Paulo Ordoveza

August 27. Irene approaching Washington, D.C. This Irene panorama was taken by Paulo Ordoveza, who stitched images of clouds from the approaching hurricane. This is the view from a roof deck in northern Virginia, about 10 miles out of Washington, D.C.

Image Credit: Eguchi Shintaro
Image Credit: Eguchi Shintaro
Image Credit: Eguchi Shintaro

August 27. New York City. Here are three views of New York City on August 27, 2011 as Irene was approaching. These are from Eguchi Shintaro’s photostream on Flickr. By 8 p.m. on August 27, when the last of these three was taken, the streets looked deserted.

August 27. Rain over Brooklyn. This video is by Arvind Grover on Flickr.

August 28, 2011

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