Amazing weather videos in November 2012

Check out these amazing videos that were uploaded in November – a tornado in Portugal, hail in Australia, a waterspout, and scenes from Hurricane Sandy.

Just this past week, I have seen quite a few amazing weather videos that have been uploaded online. These videos are not from the United States, but around the world. When we enter fall or spring, the weather is trying to transition into winter or summer. These transitions bring about a battle of cold and warm air that can result in nasty weather. So, it only makes sense that we will begin to hear more stories of tornadoes and other rounds of violent weather. Take a look of these amazing videos that were posted this past week in November 2012.

In this video, this person filmed a tornado that formed right outside their window. This video was filmed in Portugal, and it is one of the most amazing and scariest videos I have seen yet. It is important to note that you should never be at a window when a tornado is approaching you. Always get away from windows and move into a centralized portion of your house on the bottom floor when a tornado strikes.

This video was uploaded on November 18, 2012 by noeneel76 in Brisbane, Australia. This storm produced strong winds and heavy rain, but as you will see, this storm had quite a punch. Check out this amazing and scary hailstorm in Australia.

Not only was Australia experiencing severe storms that produced large hail, but they were also seeing large waterspouts off the coast. Check out this video of this large waterspout off the coast of Batemans Bay in New South Wales, Australia.

In this next video, you will see a series of video clips that were taken when Hurricane Sandy came ashore in New Jersey on October 29, 2012. Amazing video that shows the strength of this storm. Video is from the New Jersey Transit.

Bottom line: November 2012 has brought a lot of amazing weather videos that included Australian waterspouts and hailstorms, tornadoes in Portugal, and storm surge from Hurricane Sandy. If you stumble upon a new weather video, feel free to share it with us. Remember, filming a crazy weather phenomenon is cool, but if it endangers your life, you should never do it. All in all, be smart!

Matt Daniel