Comet-45P-2-11-2017-Chris Plonski-Charlotte-NC

Equipment Details
8″ Astro Tech Ritchey-Cretien Astrograph, Unmodified Canon 6D DSLR, Orion Atlas Pro AZEQ mount, 60mm guide scope, QHY5-II quide camera, PHD2 guiding, BackyardEOS camera control, EQMOD mount control, AstroTortilla plate solving.
Post-processing Details
PixInsight used for stacking and processing.
Tell us about your image
Poor transparency and poor seeing, high altitude clouds swirling, gusting winds, full moon.

Eight frames at ISO 3200 4 minute consecutive exposures (32 minutes total) showing the speed of the comet’s movement.

February 12, 2017

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