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What is a fogbow?

Fogbows are rainbows’ cousins – made by much the same process – but with the small water droplets inside a fog instead of larger raindrops.

Two fogbows

Two beautiful fogbow photos taken in September

Fogbow over New Mexico

An early morning fogbow over the desert in northern New Mexico.

Moon and fogbow

Fogbows – sometimes called white rainbows, cloudbows or ghost rainbows – are made much in the way as rainbows.

Fogbow over Massachusetts

Because of the small size of water droplets in fog, a fogbow might have only very weak colors, or no color at all. Colorless fogbows are sometimes called white rainbows.


Lunar fogbow over Finland

This luminous fogbow was captured this weekend by EarthSky Facebook friend Thomas Kast.

Favorite photos for Earth Day 2019

Here’s a collection of wonderful photos from the EarthSky community in celebration of Earth Day 2019. Thank you all!

North America’s smoky skies

Do your skies look hazy? Are your sunsets very orange, or layered-looking, or does the sun or moon look orange while high in the sky? If you’re in the northern U.S. or Canada, the reason is still wildfire smoke.

Low rainbow near Joshua Tree

The height of a rainbow depends on the height of the sun. The higher the sun, the lower the rainbow.