Gaia starts mapping our Milky Way’s bar

“We knew the Milky Way had a bar, like other barred spiral galaxies. But we only had indirect indications from the motions of stars and gas. This is the first time we see the galactic bar in 3D space, based on geometric measurements of stellar distances.”

Are moons forming around this distant gas giant planet?

After many years of searching, astronomers have finally found what appears to be a circumplanetary disk – that is, a disk of gas and dust – surrounding a young exoplanet. Evidence suggests that moons may be forming there.

M17 is the Omega Nebula

The Omega Nebula – M17 – is visible through binoculars and glorious in a low power telescope. It’s one of our galaxy’s vast star-forming regions. How to find it.

Find the Crown of the Scorpion

Here’s a cool asterism, or noticeable pattern of stars, to look for in your sky. The Scorpion’s Crown consists of just 3 stars.

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Planting a flag on the moon

With virtually no atmosphere on the moon – and, therefore, no wind – flags that fly freely on Earth would hang like limp cloth in the lunar environment. So Apollo 11 engineers had to rethink flagpole design entirely.

Video: Moon hoax not

Don’t believe the moon landings were real? Go ahead. Watch this.

5 moon-landing innovations that changed life on Earth

The technologies behind weather forecasting, GPS and even smartphones can trace their origins to the race to the moon.

What will Earth’s next supercontinent look like?

Here are 4 different scenarios of what planet Earth might look like when the next supercontinent forms.

Ancient hyenas roamed the Arctic

The ice age hyenas may have hunted caribou and horses, or scavenged carcasses of mammoths on a cold treeless tundra, says a study of 2 fossil teeth.

Enceladus’ ocean right age to support life

The subsurface ocean of Saturn’s moon Enceladus seems possibly habitable in many ways. Now a new study has determined it’s the right age to support life, too.

Join space scientists marking Apollo anniversary

Join online as leading space scientists discuss the legacy of Apollo 11 during the mission’s 50th anniversary this week.

Record wettest 12 months for US, again

Wet conditions from July 2018 through June 2019 resulted in a new 12-month precipitation record in the US

The eclipse that marked the start of the Iroquois Confederacy

The total solar eclipse of August 22, 1142, may have coincided with the birth of the Iroquois Confederacy, oldest democracy in North America and possibly on Earth.