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Check out the Big and Little Dippers

Nice! We published some stories about the Big and Little Dippers and received back some photos. Love it when that happens. Thank you!

Brotoiu Radu in Breaza, Prahova, Romania, captured the Big and Little Dippers – also known as Ursa Major and Minor – on March 10, 2018. Canon 5D MKI, Canon 28mm, F2.8, ISO 3200, 16 sec.

Gary Peltz of Seattle also captured the Big Dipper, in a dark sky. Can you pick it out? Hint: The 2 outermost stars in the Dipper’s bowl are nearly at the top of the photo. This is approximately the configuration in which you’ll see the Big Dipper on a March evening. Photo taken March 10, 2018, at Deception Pass, Washington. “Our first campout of the season on a beautiful spring-like weekend in western Washington!” Gary wrote.

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Bottom line: Photos of the Big and Little Dippers, March 2018.

Deborah Byrd


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