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Saturn and its rings

Beautiful capture of Saturn and its major rings – and even the gap between the rings, known as Cassini’s Division – from Tom Wildoner.

Hello, universe

A composite image of star trails with our Milky Way galaxy, and more, by Karthik Easvur.

Surfer riding a rainbow

Photographer Josh Blash wrote: “I caught this surfer riding a rainbow after a storm moved off the New Hampshire coast last Wednesday.”

See it! This month’s full moon

Beautiful images of the August 2018 full moon. Our thanks to all in the EarthSky community who submitted photos!

Is this the moon? No, it’s Venus

Venus is now catching up to Earth in its smaller orbit. It’ll pass between us and the sun on October 26. Between now and then, people peering through telescopes will see Venus wane in phase, like a tiny, featureless crescent moon.

Sunflowers and clouds

Marcia White Bower captured this photo earlier this month in Syracuse, New York.

Hurricane Lane viewed from space

Hurricane Lane from the International Space Station on August 22. Lane has now weakened to a tropical storm, but Hawaii has already seen 40+ inches (over a meter) of rain.

See it! Moon sweeps past Mars

Mars is still at its best, and the moon has just swept past. Plus Saturn is nearby. Enjoy these photos from the EarthSky community.

Crack! Lightning over the Atlantic

John Entwistle captured this image on North Carolina’s Outer Banks of “an insane lightning strike lighting up the clouds over the ocean.”

Mars, the moon, a bottle rocket

It’s been a gala summer for Mars!