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Milky Way over Morocco

The Milky Way over the top of Toubkal, a mountain peak in Morocco. At 4,167 meters, this point is the highest peak in North Africa.

View larger. | Milky Way over Morocco, by Besancon Arnaud.  Visit his website.

View larger. | Photo by Besancon Arnaud. Visit his website.

Besancon Arnaud submitted this composite panoramic photo – composed of 60 images – of the Milky Way over the top of Mount Toubkal in southwestern Morocco. Besancon wrote:

We can see the core of our galaxy, red airglow, and a distant flash in the cloud in the middle.

On the left side, it’s the light of the city of Marrackech, 80 kilometers [50 miles] away.

The Andromeda galaxy can be seen above and to the right of the city lights.

Panoramic view with 60 images, each 10-second exposure time.

5d mark2, Samyang 35mm at F1, 8, 3200isos.

Thank you, Besancon!