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EarthSky // Today's Image Release Date: Mar 16, 2016


The Milky Way – plus 2 large nearby galaxies in our own Local Group, in the directions to the constellations Andromeda and Triangulum.

View larger. | Photo by Linda Spadero.

View larger. | Photo by Linda Spadero.

Linda Spadero captured this photo in July, 2015, at Kenosha Pass Colorado. She wrote:

Last summer, I was learning to take pictures of the night sky and learning about astronomy at the same time. After I would take a picture I would go back to see what I had captured by bringing up the Stellarium software and trying to match my photo with the labels provided in the program.

I was overjoyed to see my amateur camera caught both the Andromeda and the Triangulum galaxies.

And the Milky Way! Thanks, Linda!

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