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EarthSky // Today's Image Release Date: Sep 07, 2014

Campfire under Milky Way at Mount Bromo

Astrophotographer Justin Ng has just returned from Mount Bromo. Here’s what a night on an active volcano in Indonesia looks like.

Campfire under the Milky Way galaxy by Justin Ng.

View larger at justinngphoto.com. | Campfire under the Milky Way galaxy by Justin Ng.

Singapore photographer Justin Ng recently returned from Mount Bromo, an active volcano in Indonesia. This image shows a campfire built by the jockey – the keeper of horses used in the ascent – in order to keep his kids warm.

Justin said he captured the image using a fisheye lens and de-fished it in post-processing.

Date of capture: 23 August 2014

Equipment used: Canon 5D MKII and a 15mm F2.8 fisheye lens

Read more about this image at justinngphoto.com

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