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Today’s Image

Today's Image | Oct 30, 2014

Night spider

“She waits patiently through the night on her invisible web, stars dimly glowing in the background…”

Today's Image | Oct 26, 2014

The Brocken Spectre

Brocken Spectre at Lough Corrib, a lake in the west of Ireland, by Conor Ledwith Photography.

Jim Nista created this nice solar eclipse composite after shooting at Huntington Beach Pier, south of Los Angeles.  He wrote, "Composite image with 2 different exposure settings. Sun was shot with a series of ND filters layered on the end of the lens to allow capturing the eclipse without glare."
Today's Image | Oct 24, 2014

See it! Photos of October 23 solar eclipse

Favorite photos of the beautiful partial solar eclipse on October 23. 2014. Thank you to all who submitted to EarthSky.org or posted at EarthSky Facebook or G+.

Joe Randall created this composite shot of the Orionid meteor shower from images taken on October 21, 2014.  Thanks, Joe!
Today's Image | Oct 21, 2014

Orionid meteors 2014

The Orionid meteor shower peaked on the morning of Tuesday, October 21, 2014. But you might still see meteors in this annual shower.

View larger. | Moonbow over the planet Venus.  Rob Ratkowski captured this image in Hawaii in 2004.  Visit Rob Ratkowski Photography.
Today's Image | Oct 16, 2014


A moonbow is like a rainbow, but fainter, caused by moonlight.

Chinese mantis by Jacob Baker
Today's Image | Oct 15, 2014

Chinese mantis

Say hello to an insect friend …

Photo credit: Colin Chatfield
Today's Image | Oct 14, 2014

4 a.m aurora

Aurora, mirrored in water, west of Saskatoon in Canada. Photo by Colin Chatfield.

Photo by Rolando Ligustri
Today's Image | Oct 12, 2014

Comet Siding Spring near M6

Comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring near the star cluster M6 on October 9, 2014.

Photo by Abhinav Singhai.  Visit him on Flickr.
Today's Image | Oct 10, 2014

Full moon rising over Lotus Temple in Delhi, India

We saw many photos of the October 8 moon during the total lunar eclipse. Here’s one from India, where the eclipse was less easily visible.

Very closeup look at planet Mercury.  Image obtained on August 3, 2014, via NASA / JHU / APL MESSENGER spacecraft.
Today's Image | Oct 09, 2014

One of the sharpest images ever obtained of Mercury

This unnamed crater is only 1.5 kilometers / 0.93 miles wide. It’s made more visible by the deep shadows cast on a Mercury afternoon.

Mike Mezeul II shared this great eclipse pic at EarthSky Facebook.  Read more about this image.
Today's Image | Oct 08, 2014

See it! Best photos of October 8 total lunar eclipse

A beautiful total lunar eclipse. Thanks to all who posted at EarthSky Facebook and G+!

Photo credit: Fred Espenak
Today's Image | Oct 07, 2014

Are you ready for tonight’s total lunar eclipse?

Total lunar eclipse of April 14-15, 2014 by EarthSky friend and NASA eclipse expert Fred Espenak.

View larger. |
Today's Image | Oct 05, 2014

Rosetta’s comet is spouting jets

Wow! The Rosetta spacecraft is now seeing jets from Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, as the comet draws in closer to the sun.

Photo credit: Sashikanth Chintia Photography
Today's Image | Oct 03, 2014

Sunset in Glacier National Park

Beautiful sunset in northern Montana’s Glacier National Park by Sashikanth Chintia Photography.

Mawrth Vallis, one of four candidate landing sites under consideration for the ExoMars 2018 mission.  Landing ellipses under evaluation are indicated.  They cover an area of 170 x 19 km.  Image via ESA/DLR/FU Berlin & NASA MGS MOLA Science Team
Today's Image | Oct 02, 2014

Possible Mars landing site in 2018

The goal of ExoMars 2018 is to search for evidence of past or present martian life.

Photo by Daniel McVey, September 2014.  Visit Daniel McVey's website.
Today's Image | Oct 01, 2014

Astrophotographer’s self-portrait

A famous shot by Ansel Adams inspired this photo by Daniel McVey.

Photo by Lynton Brown Landscapes in Australia.  Visit Lynton Brown's Facebook page.
Today's Image | Sep 30, 2014

Milky Way over Green Lake, in Horsham, Australia

The glow of a town and more-distant glow of the zodiacal light shine above an Australia lake. Even farther away is the arc of the Milky Way.

Today's Image | Sep 28, 2014

Autumn in Sweden

A fall day in Sweden. Photo by Jörgen Norrland Andersson.

Denis Crute had a better view of the moon from Parkes, Australia.  Here it is on the Australian evening of September 26.  Thank you, Denis!
Today's Image | Sep 26, 2014

Young moon returns to the evening sky

Moon was rising and setting with the sun in the past few days. Now it’s far enough from the sun’s glare to be visible in the evening sky, shortly after sunset.

Today's Image | Sep 24, 2014

Mars MAVEN spacecraft’s first observations

MAVEN is the first spacecraft dedicated to exploring the tenuous upper atmosphere of Mars. It entered orbit around Mars on September 21, 2014.

Acquired August 19, 2014.  View larger. | Image credit: NASA
Today's Image | Sep 24, 2014

Fires in the Amazon

Astronaut photo of rainforest being cleared for agriculture in Brazil.