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Leonid over Georgia

Steve Royer captured this meteor on the morning of November 18, 2017 in Saint. Marys, Georgia.

Photos of this week’s spectacular dawn

Favorite photos from around the globe of Venus, Jupiter, Mars and the moon, which put on a show in the east at dawn this week. Thanks to all who submitted or posted at EarthSky Facebook.

Platform reflecting

At first this looks like a cube floating in space … but look again.

Earth’s shadow

Earth’s shadow (in dark blue) climbs above the Raquette River in Potsdam, New York, shortly after sunset.

Cloud shadow mystery … solved?

We published a photo last Tuesday, showing a mountain’s shadow. We wondered what caused it. Now – with the help of the EarthSky community – the mystery may be solved.

Bright meteor!

The North Taurid meteor shower is peaking around now. It tends to produce a lot of fireballs, or very bright meteors. Keep watching! The shower is sparse, but it goes all month.

Birds and sun, New Delhi, India

C.B. Devgun wrote that it was a foggy morning in New Delhi – November 8, 2017 – when he captured this photo.

November sunset over Stainforth, UK

Graham Telford captured this sunset while he was fishing at Stainforth, a village in the United Kingdom.

See it! Full Hunter’s Moon

This weekend’s Hunter’s Moon, as captured by EarthSky friends around the world. Thank you to all who submitted photos!

Asteroids photobomb distant galaxies

The Hubble Space Telescope captured nearby asteroids photobombing distant galaxies

Manasquan Reservoir reflections

Photo by John Entwistle.

Flying Horse over Cusco, Peru

If you travel from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere, or vice versa, you’ll see familiar constellations. But their location in the sky will be shifted in surprising and delightful ways.

Boo! Halloween star trails

When your camera stays fixed as the stars move throughout the night, you get a photo of what are called star trails. Then … just add pumpkins.

Smokey sunset skies over Italy

These swirling, intense red sunset skies are due to ongoing wildfires in northern Italy.

Photos: Observe the Moon Night

Saturday night is International Observe the Moon Night, and EarthSky community members from around the world sent photos, reminding us that we all see the same moon.

Star trails over Smiths Falls

Fiona M. Donnelly captured this image on October 21. 2017, in Smiths Falls, Ontario. She wrote, “Our Earth’s rotation during a one-hour period.”

Airglow over Little Grand Canyon, Utah

The light of excited atoms and molecules, high over Utah’s own smaller version of the Grand Canyon.

Lone fisherman at Echo Lake

A fisherman at Echo Lake, New Hampshire, surrounded by the colors of this year’s beautiful autumn.

From Arizona, 2 Taurid fireball photos

First 2 Taurid fireball photos we’ve seen this year, but we’re expecting more. These 2 photographers, 100 miles apart, likely saw the same bright meteor.

See it! Orionid meteors this weekend

This weekend’s Orionid meteor shower didn’t disappoint. EarthSky community photos, here.