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Today’s Image

Mawrth Vallis, one of four candidate landing sites under consideration for the ExoMars 2018 mission.  Landing ellipses under evaluation are indicated.  They cover an area of 170 x 19 km.  Image via ESA/DLR/FU Berlin & NASA MGS MOLA Science Team
Today's Image | Oct 02, 2014

Possible Mars landing site in 2018

The goal of ExoMars 2018 is to search for evidence of past or present martian life.

Photo by Daniel McVey, September 2014.  Visit Daniel McVey's website.
Today's Image | Oct 01, 2014

Astrophotographer’s self-portrait

A famous shot by Ansel Adams inspired this photo by Daniel McVey.

Photo by Lynton Brown Landscapes in Australia.  Visit Lynton Brown's Facebook page.
Today's Image | Sep 30, 2014

Milky Way over Green Lake, in Horsham, Australia

The glow of a town and more-distant glow of the zodiacal light shine above an Australia lake. Even farther away is the arc of the Milky Way.

Today's Image | Sep 28, 2014

Autumn in Sweden

A fall day in Sweden. Photo by Jörgen Norrland Andersson.

Denis Crute had a better view of the moon from Parkes, Australia.  Here it is on the Australian evening of September 26.  Thank you, Denis!
Today's Image | Sep 26, 2014

Young moon returns to the evening sky

Moon was rising and setting with the sun in the past few days. Now it’s far enough from the sun’s glare to be visible in the evening sky, shortly after sunset.

Today's Image | Sep 24, 2014

Mars MAVEN spacecraft’s first observations

MAVEN is the first spacecraft dedicated to exploring the tenuous upper atmosphere of Mars. It entered orbit around Mars on September 21, 2014.

Acquired August 19, 2014.  View larger. | Image credit: NASA
Today's Image | Sep 24, 2014

Fires in the Amazon

Astronaut photo of rainforest being cleared for agriculture in Brazil.

VegaStar Carpentier in France submitted this photo, titled "Sun Kissed."  Thank you, VegaStar.
Today's Image | Sep 23, 2014

Sun kissed

A beautiful photo to honor the sun at the equinox.

C/2012 K1 (PANSTARRS) as captured on September 19, 2014 by Sylvain Trépanier?.
Today's Image | Sep 21, 2014

Comet C/2012 K1 (PANSTARRS) on September 19

This beautiful comet may be visible with the eye alone around mid-October, but it’ll remain much easier to detect using binoculars or a telescope.

Photo by Eileen Claffey.
Today's Image | Sep 18, 2014

Fogbow over Massachusetts

Because of the small size of water droplets in fog, a fogbow might have only very weak colors, or no color at all. Colorless fogbows are sometimes called white rainbows.

Image credit: NASA
Today's Image | Sep 17, 2014

Polar mesospheric clouds over the Ukraine

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station, flying at 350 kilometers (220 miles) up, are ideally placed to observe elusive polar mesospheric clouds.

Hurricane Odile on September 14 via Jeff Schmaltz, LANCE/EOSDIS Rapid Response.
Today's Image | Sep 16, 2014

Hurricane Odile

Hurricane Odile tied Olivia (1967) as the strongest hurricane to make landfall in Baja California in the satellite era.

0713MR0030220000402622L01_DXXX Sol 713 Phobos passing in front of the Sun 100mm MastCam MSL Curiosity-cp
Today's Image | Sep 15, 2014

Mars moon Phobos in front of sun on August 8

The Curiosity rover on the floor of the Gale Crater caught this image of Mars’ larger moon Phobos passing in front of the sun on August 8, 2014.

Photo credit: Kenneth G. Smith
Today's Image | Sep 14, 2014

Anticrepuscular rays in a Texas sky

Next time you see crepuscular rays extending from a sunset … turn around. Look opposite the the sun. You might catch a glimpse of elusive anticrepuscular rays.

Today's Image | Sep 13, 2014

Favorite photos of September 12 aurora

Two powerful storms on the sun this week resulted in beautiful displays of the aurora borealis, or northern lights, that dipped down as far as the northern U.S.

The moon before, during and after the crest of the moon's full moon, September 2014, by Pete Miramontes
Today's Image | Sep 11, 2014

Harvest Moon trilogy

This past full moon was the Northern Hemisphere’s Harvest Moon, known for appearing entirely or nearly full for several nights in a row.

A beautiful self-portrait by Kurt Harvey.   Visit Kurt on Google+.
Today's Image | Sep 10, 2014

Home is behind, the world ahead

A mesmerizing view down a long, straight stretch of road, with a wild sky above.

Super Harvest Moon 2014 by Annie Lewis
Today's Image | Sep 09, 2014

Shine on Harvest Moon!

In case you missed it! Photos of the 2014 Harvest Moon from EarthSky friends.

Photo credit: Lars Leber Photography
Today's Image | Sep 08, 2014

Milky Way and moonset

Reflections of the moon and the Milky way in a pond atop Independence Pass in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

Campfire under the Milky Way galaxy by Justin Ng.
Today's Image | Sep 07, 2014

Campfire under Milky Way at Mount Bromo

Astrophotographer Justin Ng has just returned from Mount Bromo. Here’s what a night on an active volcano in Indonesia looks like.

View larger. | The International Space Station crosses the face of the moon on September 3, 2014.  Photo by Colin Legg.  Visit Colin Legg Photography on Facebook.
Today's Image | Sep 05, 2014

ISS crosses the moon’s face

A composite of 1/2-second of time when two objects in space converged. ISS is at 300 kilometers and the moon is at 384,000 kilometers away.