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Today’s Image

Image credit: Jane Wang
Today's Image | Apr 18, 2014

Tiger beetle dance

A visual representation of a tiger beetle’s trajectories as it chases prey.

Photo credit: Zack Clothier Photography
Today's Image | Apr 17, 2014

Total lunar eclipse over Soda Butte Cone

“Blood Moon” over Yellowstone by Zack Clothier Photography

Today's Image | Apr 15, 2014

Turquoise dreams

Waterscape by T. Rchardsen

Times for the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday morning, April 15, in Eastern Daylight Time.  Chart by Fred Espenak.  Used with permission.
Today's Image | Apr 13, 2014

Times in EDT for Tuesday morning’s total eclipse of moon

Save this chart! It’s the times in Eastern Daylight Time for Tuesday morning’s total eclipse of the moon.

April 10, 2014 moon via Vegastar Carpentier.
Today's Image | Apr 11, 2014

Moon waxing toward total eclipse

As seen from around the world, the moon is waxing toward full. On the night of April 14-15, those in the Americas will see a total lunar eclipse.

View larger. | Antelope Canyon at night by Sergio Garcia Rill.   Visit Sergio's website and read more about this adventure.
Today's Image | Apr 10, 2014

Night sky from Antelope Canyon in Arizona

The night sky through the high walls and narrow opening of Upper Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

Wavy, windsock-like tails stretch to the southwest from each of the islands. The patterns are likely the result of winds roughening or smoothing the water surface in different places.
Today's Image | Apr 09, 2014

Atlantic sunglint reveals tails for Canary Islands

A particular quality of the light reflecting from the Atlantic Ocean reveals wavy, windsock-like tails stretching to the southwest from each of the Canary Islands.

Mars (right) and Saturn (ascending over horizon, left) by Tommy Eliassen Photography
Today's Image | Apr 08, 2014

Bright Mars

Earth goes between the sun and Mars on April 8. Mars is now brighter in our sky than it has been in six years, since December 2007.

Photo credit: Hallvor Hobbyfotograf Lillebo
Today's Image | Apr 07, 2014

Aurora over Steinvikholmen Castle

Aurora borealis over Norway’s Steinvikholmen Castle on April 3, by Hallvor Hobbyfotograf Lillebo.

Image credit: NASA
Today's Image | Apr 04, 2014

Mars rover shadow self-portrait

The Mars rover Opportunity caught this image of its own silhouette.

Photo credit: Glenn Miles Photography
Today's Image | Apr 03, 2014

Mars over Northern Ireland coast

The planet Mars with the stars Spica, Arcturus and the Plough – or Big Dipper – over the northern coast of Northern Ireland. Mars is now at its best!

Photo credit: Conor Ledwith
Today's Image | Apr 02, 2014

Starry sky over Connemara

Beautiful spring night over a garden in Connemara, Ireland, by Conor Ledwith.

Last night's young moon - March 31, 2014 - from our friend Ken Christison in North Carolina. Thank you, Ken.
Today's Image | Apr 01, 2014

Last night’s young moon

Enjoy the waxing moon in the coming weeks! When full moon comes, on the night of April 14-15, we in the Americas will get to see a total lunar eclipse.

Daniel McVey captured this image of planet Mars and star Spica on March 26, 2014.
Today's Image | Mar 31, 2014

Pointing to star Spica and planet Mars

It’s nearly the best time in two years to see Mars. On April 8, Earth in its smaller, faster orbit will pass between Mars and the sun.

March 29, 2014 X-flare via NASA SDO
Today's Image | Mar 30, 2014

X-flare of Saturday, March 29

Solar flares are short-lived but powerful bursts of radiation. They are our solar system’s largest explosive events, lasting minutes to hours on the sun’s surface.

GregDiesel Landscape Photography captured the moon and Venus on March 27.   Visit his online gallery.
Today's Image | Mar 28, 2014

Early morning moon and Venus

GregDiesel Landscape Photography captured the moon and Venus yesterday morning.

Photo credit: © Vegastar Carpentier Photography
Today's Image | Mar 27, 2014


The waning crescent moon on the morning of March 26, by VegaStar Carpentier Photography.

Today's Image | Mar 26, 2014

When the moon sweeps past Venus

This image is from a year ago. But if you look in the eastern, predawn sky around now, you’ll see the moon near Venus again.

Vortex star trails at Arches National Park?.  Photo captured and processed by Sergio Garcia Rill.
Today's Image | Mar 25, 2014

Vortex star trails

Our friend Sergio Garcia Rill captured a photo in Arches National Park in eastern Utah, then processed it in a way he’ll explain to you.

Saturn's largest and second largest moons, Titan and Rhea, appear to be stacked on top of each other in this true-color scene from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.  Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute.
Today's Image | Mar 23, 2014

Saturn’s largest and second-largest moons

The Cassini spacecraft captured this image on June 16, 2011. These are two of Saturn’s moons – the largest moon Titan and second-largest moon Rhea.

Photo credit:
Today's Image | Mar 21, 2014

Night scene from Kvænangsfjellet in Norway

A spring color palette, and yet … so chilly.