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Saturday night’s extremely young moon

Photo and animation of an extremely young moon – only 18 hours past the new phase – setting over a hill last night, as seen from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

El Capitan on 1st day of summer

The El Capitan rock formation reflected in a flooded valley in California’s Yosemite National Park.

Auroras in front of Magellanic Clouds

Hunter Davis, at the South Pole, captured auroras flickering in front of the two Magellanic Clouds.


No matter where you are on Earth, your northernmost sunsets of the year are happening around now.

A ribbon of ammonia in Orion

Radio telescopes have detected a 50-light-year filament of star-forming gas, zigzagging its way through the northern portion of the Orion Molecular Cloud.

Saturn over New York City

Think you can’t see stars or planets from the city? Check out these 2 photos of Saturn over New York.

Close and far moons

Peter Lowenstein in Zimbabwe contrasts the size of the May 27 waxing crescent moon, which was close to Earth, with the June 9 full moon, which was far from Earth.

Saturn’s 2-toned moon

Saturn’s moon Iapetus is a world of contrast, with light and dark regions fitting together like cosmic puzzle pieces.

Milky Way over the Everglades

Watch this video, showing Earth spinning under the sky of the southern Everglades in Florida.

Fav photos: 2017’s smallest full moon

EarthSky friends outdid themselves this weekend, taking photos of the full moon. Thanks to all who contributed!

Milky Way over Mount Abu Observatory

Nikunj Rawal captured the Milky Way over India’s Mount Abu Observatory on June 1.

Your favorite ocean photos

We asked, and you answered with some of the most awesome ocean photos yet! Thanks for all in the EarthSky community who contributed.

It’s twilight time: 15 favorite photos

“Love prefers twilight to daylight”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

A rare lunar halo

Most ice halos around the sun or moon are made by plate- or column-like hexagonal crystals. The multiple halos in this image by Greg Redfern are from rare pyramidal ice crystals.

Last night’s moon and Jupiter

The EarthSky community comes through again! Wonderful photos of the moon and Jupiter on June 3, 2017, from around the world.

Close conjunction of Venus and Uranus

Planet Venus passed 1.8 degrees south of planet Uranus on June 2, 2017, and Eliot Herman in Tucson captured their close conjunction.

This season’s 1st noctilucent clouds

Late May is typically the start of the season for noctilucent clouds, aka night-shining clouds. A photographer in Denmark has already captured some!

Auroras over the South Pole

A strong G3-class geomagnetic storm sparked auroras over both poles of Earth this past weekend. Hunter Davis, at the South Pole, captured images.

Young moon returns to the west

This very special young moon marks the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Very tough to spot on May 26 from locations east of the Atlantic, but the Americas had a better shot at it.

Nature’s red, white, and blue

Memorial Day weekend is ahead here in the U.S. Have a happy one! Photo by Marcia White Bower.