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Patterns in mammatus clouds

On December 4, it remained dry in Mutare, Zimbabwe, despite a spectacular attempt to rain!

Photo by Manish Mamtani

Milky Way over Eagle Lake, Maine

Stars reflecting in the largest fresh water lake in Maine’s ruggedly beautiful Acadia National Park.

Photo Copyright Xiao Shuai. Photo processing by Jeff Dai. Used with permission.

Gravity waves over China

Gravity waves traveling upwards from the lower atmosphere caused this unusual banded structure in airglow above China in late November.


See it! Moon sweeps past Venus

The moon passed Venus Friday evening, but there’s more to come. Wonderful photos here! Thanks to all who submitted. Keep watching this post for more photos.


Northern lights from the air

Photos of the aurora borealis, or northern lights, shot from an airplane over the icy Canadian landscape and approximate North Pole.

A ring of bright noctilucent clouds  - sometimes called "night-shining" clouds - has formed around the South Pole. Image taken November 24, 2016 by the AIM spacecraft.

Night-shining clouds over Antarctica

The AIM spacecraft has spotted noctilucent clouds – aka night-shining clouds – above Earth’s southernmost continent. The season for them started early this year!


See it! Moon sweeps past Jupiter

In late November 2016, the waning moon took aim on Jupiter in the predawn sky. It swept closest to it on the morning of November 25. Photos from around the world!

Photo posted this week by Marcia White Bower in Syracuse.

Snowy night in Syracuse, New York

Syracuse’s first snowstorm of the season – this past Sunday and Monday – made this November the 4th snowiest since 1940.

Sliver of the moon, morning of November 23, 2016 by Rima Biswas? in Pennsylvania.

Moon with fall foliage

The moon caught one morning this week. The moon is waning now, and so is the year.


Félix Aguilar Observatory

Gorgeous shot of the Félix Aguilar Observatory in San Juan, Puerto Rico, by AstroLina Photography.

View larger. | Massimiliano Pedi Photography? in Italy.

Together under the Milky Way

A dark sky, a friend and a flashlight to point out Milky Way sights.

Occator Crater, some 57 miles across and home of Ceres’ intriguing brightest areas, is prominently featured in this image from NASA’s Dawn spacecraft. Click the picture for a full-size version. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA.

New view of Ceres, as Dawn moves higher

Remember the famous bright spots on dwarf planet Ceres? Some thought they looked like signs of an alien intelligence. Here’s a recent view from a new angle, by the Dawn spacecraft.

Photo taken by Josh Blash on November 17, 2016.

Summer storm off New Hampshire

As autumn unfolds … remember last summer? Josh Blash captured this cool image in June, showing a summer storm in the Atlantic, just off the coast.

Another view of Wat Mahathat. The design based on Mandala, representing the universe with main principal stupa.Some basic explanation for the main stupa. It represents the mythical Mount Meru, center of the universe, which is the heavenly abode build by the God Indra to enshrine relics of the Buddha. The surrounding stupas represent mountain ranges around Mount Meru, and the moat symbolizes the cosmic ocean of infinity.

Nova in Sagittarius

There’s a nova in the sky now. It’s faint and requires a dark sky to be seen, but photos pick it up more easily. Astrophotographer Jeff Dai captured it from Thailand.

Captured by Manuel Dietrich Photography and posted to EarthSky Facebook in November 2016.

World from above

Can you find the photographer in this image from an island off the coast of Norway?


Close lightning strike with slow motion

See video of a close and loud lightning strike. “It gave me a fright as the flash was bright and was accompanied by a very loud bang!” Video here.


Supermoon photos from around the world

EarthSky received many photos of the bright and beautiful supermoon. We loved them all and thank you all! See editors’ favorites here.

Image via RodNeil Thomas

Fajada Butte

RodNeil Thomas got this shot on October 29 at Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. He said, “This was my first time solo photographing the night sky. I’m hooked!”

Photo taken October 28, 2016 by Grant Miller.

Watching Orion

Orion the Hunter – one of the most familiar constellations to many because of its prominent Belt of 3 stars – is coming back into view in the evening sky.

Photo taken November 5, 2016 by Jeff Berkes Photography.

Taurid meteor over Atlantic coast

The long-lasting 2016 Taurid meteor shower hasn’t been as spectacular as last year’s shower. But, like all Taurid showers, it has produced some fireballs!