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Ghost tracks

The Milky Way rising over the famous buried “ghost tracks” on the beach at Cape May, New Jersey.

Find Vincent van Gogh’s Big Dipper

Here’s an easy astronomy lesson, from a master in the art of loving nature.

Mars passes the Lagoon and Trifid

Mars is now brightening dramatically and making a beeline through many constellations. Astrophotographer Muzamir Mazlan in Malaysia caught it sweeping between the Lagoon and Trifid nebulae.

An unusual shot of anticrepuscular rays

It looks like ordinary crepuscular rays are coming from the reflected sunlight at the base of this mountain. But that’s not what’s happening in this rare photo.

See it! Young moon, Venus, Mercury

Wow! So many of you are catching the moon, Venus and Mercury after sunset. Thank you for all your photos. We wish we could post them all!

Rose-colored Jupiter

This Juno spacecraft image, taken February 7, 2018, captures a close-up view of a storm with bright cloud tops in planet Jupiter’s northern hemisphere.

Stunning Mars images, from Curiosity

The Curiosity rover has sent back some beautiful new images of the foothills of Mount Sharp in Gale crater on Mars.

Sun pillar at Vancouver Island

Sun pillars happen when sunlight reflects from plate-like ice crystals, drifting through Earth’s atmosphere with a horizontal orientation, gently rocking from side to side as they fall.

Check out the Big and Little Dippers

Nice! We published some stories about the Big and Little Dippers and received back some photos. Love it when that happens. Thank you!

Best photos of moon’s sweep past morning planets

The waning moon has now swept past all 3 bright planets in the predawn sky. Photos here from the EarthSky community.

Low rainbow near Joshua Tree

The height of a rainbow depends on the height of the sun. The higher the sun, the lower the rainbow.

Best photos of Venus and Mercury after sunset

Venus and Mercury were closer earlier this month, but they’re easier to see now. Don’t miss these 2 innermost worlds in our solar system, in the west after sunset.

Day meets night on Jupiter

The Juno spacecraft captured this image during its 11th close flyby of the planet. It shows swirling cloud formations around Jupiter’s south pole.

Milky Way and zodiacal light over Death Valley

Jeff Berkes captured the Milky Way and the zodiacal light from California’s Death Valley National Park on February 16.

Distorted corona

You’ll find rainbow-like colors in both cloud iridescence and coronas around the sun. But iridescence tends to look more random, while coronas are circles … usually.

See the early morning Milky Way

The edgewise view into our own galaxy, looking toward the galaxy’s heart, from EarthSky community members who ventured into the cold and darkness before dawn in February 2018.

See it! 1st March full moon

Photos from the EarthSky community of the March 1-2, 2018, full moon, the 1st of 2 full moons for this month!

5 minutes before sunrise

Photographer Steve Scanlon captured this beautiful color just 5 minutes before sunrise over the Shrewsbury River in Rumson, New Jersey.

The skywatcher

RV Photography said, “After a night of astrophotography, it’s nice to just take a seat and enjoy the stars …”

Extragalactic supernova

At its discovery in January, this supernova was as bright as its whole galaxy! Now it’s fading. Astrophotographer Brian Ottum caught it Sunday night.