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Today’s Image

Photo credit: Joshua Nowicki
Today's Image | Nov 25, 2014

Ice-covered lighthouse in Michigan

Wow! A fearsome ice king! Outer lighthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan last Friday night.

View larger.| See the little white dot of the planet Venus in the upper right of this photo?  It'll be back to your evening sky in early December.  Helio de Carvalho Vital captured this image on November 18, 2014 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He wrote, "I managed to capture Venus as it is starting its return to dusk, despite the fact that it is still at a mere 6.2° distance from the sun. 
The photos show it a  few minutes before setting behind the  northern side of the 1,021-meter high Tijuca Peak, located some 6.5 km away. It was deeply immersed in the intense glare of the sun, that would set some 13 minutes later."
Today's Image | Nov 22, 2014

Venus returning to evening sky!

The sky’s brightest planet, Venus, has been behind the sun as viewed from our earthly vantage point. By early December, it’ll be back in your evening sky!

Today's Image | Nov 21, 2014

One of the highest resolution images of Mercury, ever

MESSENGER spacecraft’s fuel is nearly depleted. It will impact Mercury in March 2015. For now, space engineers are getting some of the best-ever Mercury pics.

Today's Image | Nov 20, 2014

Snow in West Seneca, New York

Digging out of the snow in West Seneca, NY on November 19, 2014.

Photo via Mike Taylor - Taylor Photography
Today's Image | Nov 19, 2014

Cape Neddick Lighthouse at night

The Milky Way rises behind Cape Neddick Lighthouse (aka Nubble Light) in York, Maine.

EarthSky Facebook friend Mitchell Spector captured this image of the sunspot formerly known as AR2192 - now known as AR 2209 - on November 16, 2014, the same day it emitted an M class flare.
Today's Image | Nov 18, 2014

Sunspot comes back around, produces M5 flare

AR 2192 was the largest sunspot in 24 years. The sun’s rotation carried it out of view, but now it’s back, renamed, and is still producing solar flares.

Engraving by Adolf Vollmy
Today's Image | Nov 15, 2014

Leonid meteor shower 1833

Engraving of the November 1833 Leonid meteor shower. This year’s Leonids peak on the morning of November 18.

Today's Image | Nov 14, 2014

Orion always comes up sideways

Patricia Evans shares her new skill at astrophotography and a poem by Robert Frost.

We've landed on a comet!  Image via @universetoday on Twitter.
Today's Image | Nov 13, 2014

We’ve landed on a comet!

New images from the Philae lander are expected on Thursday, November 14. In the meantime, despite challenges … a cause for celebration for all humanity.

Light pillars in northern Sweden, November 7, 2014, by Birgit Boden
Today's Image | Nov 12, 2014

Light pillars over northern Sweden

As winter comes to the far north, sky conditions may be just right to produce a beautiful light phenomenon called “light pillars.”

Today's Image | Nov 10, 2014

Moonset behind trees

Increasingly golden or orange color as the moon sets is due to the fact that – as it sinks – you’re seeing the moon through more and more of Earth’s atmosphere.

Photo credit: T.Richardsen
Today's Image | Nov 09, 2014

Cold has come to the north

An image of a far northern latitude, where it’s beginning to look a lot like winter.

View larger. | Coronal loops October 26-29, 2014
Today's Image | Nov 08, 2014

Coronal loops

The biggest sunspot region in more than two decades produced many impressive solar flares. Just before it disappeared, it also gave us this beautiful display of coronal loops.

Photo credit: Peter Montanti/Mountain Photographics
Today's Image | Nov 04, 2014

East Tennessee early snow

Snow fell in the east Tennessee hills on the first day of November.

View larger. |
Today's Image | Nov 01, 2014

Turquoise-tinted plumes in Large Magellanic Cloud

This image – made with a special filter – shows the outskirts of a much-studied nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud, called the Tarantula Nebula.

Massive galaxy cluster Abell 2744, nicknamed Pandora's Cluster, takes on a ghostly look where total starlight has been artificially colored blue in this Hubble view.  Image via NASA/ESA/IAC/HFF Team, STScI
Today's Image | Oct 31, 2014

Ghost light from dead galaxies

The Hubble Space Telescope has picked up the faint, ghostly glow of stars ejected from ancient galaxies that were gravitationally ripped apart several billion years ago.

Today's Image | Oct 30, 2014

Night spider

“She waits patiently through the night on her invisible web, stars dimly glowing in the background…”

Today's Image | Oct 26, 2014

The Brocken Spectre

Brocken Spectre at Lough Corrib, a lake in the west of Ireland, by Conor Ledwith Photography.

Jim Nista created this nice solar eclipse composite after shooting at Huntington Beach Pier, south of Los Angeles.  He wrote, "Composite image with 2 different exposure settings. Sun was shot with a series of ND filters layered on the end of the lens to allow capturing the eclipse without glare."
Today's Image | Oct 24, 2014

See it! Photos of October 23 solar eclipse

Favorite photos of the beautiful partial solar eclipse on October 23. 2014. Thank you to all who submitted to EarthSky.org or posted at EarthSky Facebook or G+.

Joe Randall created this composite shot of the Orionid meteor shower from images taken on October 21, 2014.  Thanks, Joe!
Today's Image | Oct 21, 2014

Orionid meteors 2014

The Orionid meteor shower peaked on the morning of Tuesday, October 21, 2014. But you might still see meteors in this annual shower.

View larger. | Moonbow over the planet Venus.  Rob Ratkowski captured this image in Hawaii in 2004.  Visit Rob Ratkowski Photography.
Today's Image | Oct 16, 2014


A moonbow is like a rainbow, but fainter, caused by moonlight.