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Today’s Image

Photo by Nikolaos Pantazis?
Today's Image | Nov 26, 2015

Morning planets over Aegean Sea

The planets are still striking before dawn in late November, 2015.

The lower part of a halo around the sun - and a piece of a circumhorizontal arc - from Sergio Emilio Montúfar Codoñer in La Plata, Argentina.
Today's Image | Nov 25, 2015

Circumhorizontal arc over Argentina

Don’t call them “fire rainbows,” experts say. They’re not rainbows. And they originate with ice, not fire.

View larger. | The best available images of each side of Pluto taken during New Horizons' July, 2015 approach were combined to create this view of a full rotation. Images via New Horizons spacecraft, via NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute.
Today's Image | Nov 23, 2015

Day on Pluto, day on Charon

Best currently available images of Pluto and Charon – taken during New Horizons’ flyby – combined to create a view of a full rotation of each of these worlds.

View larger. | Patricia Evans captured this hole-punch cloud on November 21, 2015.  She wrote: "I spotted this rare punch-hole cloud this afternoon from the parking lot of a restaurant in Chelmsford, MA.  Since I always carry my camera with me, I was able to take this shot!  This is only the second punch hole cloud I've ever seen.  The first one was just a few miles away from this spot five years ago... in 2010!  Canon SX50HS - ISO 80  f/4.5 1/1000 sec."
Today's Image | Nov 22, 2015

Hole-punch cloud over Massachusetts

Hole-punch clouds are sometimes called fallstreak holes. They are often-circular patches of clear sky, surrounded by clouds. Airplanes create them.

Rainfall NOvember 18, 015 in Mutare, Zimbabwe. Photo: Peter Lowenstein
Today's Image | Nov 21, 2015

Report from Zimbabwe: Second rain

More than two weeks after the first rain of the season, another rainfall. Peter Lowenstein in Mutare, Zimbabwe reports.

Photo by Asthadi Setyawan in Malang, East Java, Indonesia.
Today's Image | Nov 20, 2015

Cloud shadow

The sun is behind the cloud. It looks as if the shadow is also behind the cloud, but that’s just a trick of perspective.

Photo credit: Eliot Herman
Today's Image | Nov 19, 2015

Venus, Mars, Jupiter and meteor

Alignment of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and a meteor on the ecliptic plane. Not a large meteor but a little gem of color.

Today's Image | Nov 19, 2015

Taurid fireballs photos and videos

The Leonids were sparse this year, but 2015 has been an incredible year for the long-lasting shower Taurids. Photos and video here.

Today's Image | Nov 17, 2015

China’s new radio telescope

The construction of FAST – China’s new radio telescope – is proceeding on schedule. When completed in 2016, it’ll be the largest radio telescope in the world.

Venus, Mars and Jupiter on November 6, 2015 by Kevin Rawlings in Alert, Nunavut, Canada.
Today's Image | Nov 16, 2015

Moon and planets, Alert, Nunavut, Canada

Deep into the dark months of the year – 508 miles (817 km) from the North Pole – a photo of the moon and morning planets.

Photo: © Geir-Inge Buschmann / Gibfoto
Today's Image | Nov 15, 2015

Nothing beats nature’s own fireworks!

Sommarøya, just outside Tromsø, Norway. Photo: © Geir-Inge Buschmann/Gibfoto

Lunar Alpenglow and Orion over Mt.Chana Dorje. Yading National Nature Reserve, Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, China. Photo by Jeff Dai. Visit Jeff's Facebook page.
Today's Image | Nov 12, 2015

Lunar alpenglow and Orion

The beautiful constellation Orion, and all that surrounds it in the sky. Plus light from the setting moon on the sacred Chana Dorje peak in Tibet.

Image via New Horizons spacecraft on July 14, 2015.
Today's Image | Nov 11, 2015

Pluto, backlit

Crescent Pluto, acquired as New Horizons sped past in July on its way deeper into the Kuiper Belt.

Venus, Jupiter and Mars rising before dawn on November 10.  Photo by Balai Cerap.
Today's Image | Nov 10, 2015

Venus, Jupiter and Mars trails

The morning planets rising above an observatory in Malaysia.

Today's Image | Nov 08, 2015

Children of the sun

They say we’re all made of stardust …

Flowers in the Atacama, November 1, 2015.  Photo by Yuri Beletsky.
Today's Image | Nov 07, 2015

Blossoming Atacama desert in Chile

Hundreds of millions of flowers bloomed in the Atacama Desert in Chile this year, linked to 2015’s ongoing strong El Niño.

Photo taken October 30, 2015 by Peter Lowenstein in Mutare, Zimbabwe.
Today's Image | Nov 06, 2015

Report from Zimbabwe: First rain and crepuscular rays

A first rain in six months for Mutare, Zimbabwe. Afterwards, crepuscular rays in a clear blue sky, then against a flaming red sunset.

View larger. | Venus and Mars - with Jupiter nearby.  The inset shows the Venus-Mars conjunction.  Photo taken November 4, 2015 by Mohamed Fadzli in Malaysia.
Today's Image | Nov 04, 2015

See it! Photos of Venus-Mars conjunction

Venus is the brightest planet, and Mars is faint now. On November 3, 2015, they were closest until 2017. Watch the moon pass them later this week!

A closeup, from the series of images above.
Today's Image | Nov 04, 2015

New images of close-passing 2015 TB145

New, more detailed images and video – released yesterday – of object 2015 TB145, which swept close to Earth on Halloween. Does it still look like a skull?

Barking dog cloud, by Peter Lowenstein in Mutare, Zimbabwe.
Today's Image | Nov 03, 2015

Barking Dog Cloud

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.

Spooky selfie - Venus, Jupiter and Mars - and a dead satellite posted at EarthSky Facebook by EarthSky by Tom Wildoner of LeisurelyScientist.com
Today's Image | Oct 31, 2015

Spooky selfie, 3 planets, dead satellite

Scary! :-) Thanks, Tom Wildoner.