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Shireen Gonzaga
Great white shark and bluefin tuna, at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Courtesy of Niall Kennedy via Flickr.com

Shark and tuna convergent evolution

Lamnid sharks and tuna have similar physical traits that make them top ocean predators. But, a new study says, they took very different evolutionary paths.

European earthworm species Lumbricus terrestris. Image courtesy of Simone Cesarz.

Earthworm invaders alter northern forests

Native plant diversity in forests of northern North America is declining due to an invasion by earthworms introduced hundreds of years ago from Europe.

A sample from the 3.7-billion-year-old stromatolite fossils. The stromatolites are small wave-like mounds in this image. Image via Allen P. Nutman/ Nature.

3.7-billion-year-old fossils show early life

Earth’s earliest lifeforms were single-celled microbes. The new fossil discovery places them on Earth even earlier than previously thought.


Goblin shark video, Greenland shark news

Japanese scientists utilize dramatic video to understand how goblin sharks feed. Danish scientists show that Greenland sharks can live to be nearly 400 years old!

Several Indian Ocean rockskippers (Alticus monochrus), on a rock at the intertidal zone in Mauritius. Image via Georgina M. Cooke.

Many fish evolved to survive on land

“A fish out of water might seem an extraordinary thing, but in fact it is quite a common phenomenon,” said these researchers.

Lead study author Josh Stewart follows a giant oceanic manta ray at Bahia de Banderas off mainland Pacific Mexico. Image via Scripps Oceanography/ Octavio Aburto/ PBS

Surprise! Some mantas are homebodies

Oceanic manta rays have long been thought to migrate great distances. But Indo-Pacific mantas, at least, are more local commuters than long-distance travelers.

The first-born baby olm made its debut on May 30, 2016. Image credit: Postojna Cave.

Rare salamander eggs finally hatch

Four months ago, a rare salamander species known as an olm – once believed to be baby dragons – laid 60 rare eggs. Now the eggs have hatched!

Detail from a portrait of a young woman - from a fresco from Pompeii - thought to be Sappho. Via Museo Archeologico Nazionale (Naples) via Wikimedia Commons.

Pleiades setting through Sappho’s eyes

Sappho, a renowned poet of ancient Greece, wrote of the Pleiades star cluster setting at midnight. Scientists have wondered, what time of year did she see it?

For size comparison, a baby Rapetosaurus is shown next to familiar present-day mammals. Image credit: Demetrios Vital

Baby dino was self-reliant mini-me

But, in the case of the fossil bones examined in this new study, the baby dinosaur lived only weeks, apparently dying of starvation.

embryo_bamboo_shark_-branchial_rays-e1461606369560 (1)

Did human limbs evolve from shark gills?

The Sonic Hedgehog gene drives embryonic development of mammal limbs and shark gills. Could our limbs have evolved from gills?