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Posts by Shireen Gonzaga

Rufous antpitta via: Jerry Oldenettel
Blogs | Oct 23, 2013

Birdsong recordings harm birds

Although playing recorded song to lure a bird into view is frowned upon by birdwatchers, some people still do it. Will these new findings get them to stop?

Newly-discovered fossil
Blogs | Oct 23, 2013

Fossil reveals earliest known central nervous system of an animal

Scientists traced iron deposits that occupied the space of long-gone central nervous system tissue. An outline of a 520-million-year-old central nervous system emerged.

Humpback whale, via montereybayaquarium.org.
Blogs | Videos | Oct 21, 2013

Foraging acrobatics of humpback whales

Acoustic and camera tags attached to the whales revealed a repertoire of feeding acrobatics. The video in this post gives you a whale’s-eye view of what happens.

Image credit: Allison Shaw.
Blogs | Oct 16, 2013

Will climate changes keep red crabs of Christmas Island from spawning?

When the wet season begins in November, Christmas Island’s iconic land crabs march towards the sea to spawn. Climate change could put a stop to it.

Image Credit: University of Zurich.
Blogs | Oct 14, 2013

Unique spine found in 240-million-year-old fish fossil

A newly-discovered backbone structure in a well-preserved 240-million-year-old fossil fish reveals an inflexible and slow swimmer, an evolutionary dead end.

Image credit: Stuart V Nielsen.
Blogs | Photos | Oct 08, 2013

Video and photos: Rich biodiversity in South American rainforest

“I have conducted expeditions all over the world, but never have I seen such beautiful, pristine forests so untouched by humans.” – Dr. Leeanne Alonso

Image Credit: Claire Spottiswoode.
Blogs | Oct 01, 2013

Deadbeat cuckoo finches lay more eggs to deceive host parents

Cuckoo finches con other birds into raising their chicks, confusing prospective foster parents with several look-alike eggs.

Image credit: Plankton Portal, Zooniverse.org
Blogs | Sep 30, 2013

Citizen science: Help classify plankton in waters off southern California

Can you tell a Cydippid from a Solmaris? You can, with a little training. Scientists could use your help classifying plankton at the Plankton Portal.

Shark researchers, via Peter Verhoog / Dutch Shark Society
Sep 27, 2013

Researchers find coral reefs at risk when sharks overfished

“The whole food chain is being thrown out of whack … This means that the reef has far less resilience, which is a real worry.” – Mark Meekan

At 2013 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony
Blogs | Sep 23, 2013

2013 Ig Nobel Prizes celebrate absurdity and science

Pure silly science? Don’t be fooled. Many awards were for serious research published in reputable journals. “Laugh, then think,” say the organizers.