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Laura Dattaro

NASA prepares for Mars rover Curiosity launch. You can, too.

In preparation for the November 25 launch of the Mars rover Curiosity, NASA is planning a slew of events. Get connected here.

Budgets for NASA and James Webb Space Telescope still undecided

The Senate passed its version of the 2012 budget that delegates funding for NASA. It includes full funding for the James Webb Space Telescope.

Where are the space shuttles now?

The space shuttle program was one of the most visible, successful and adored missions in NASA’s history. Here’s where the shuttles will end up.

Baltimore hosts full-size James Webb Space Telescope model

A 12,000-pound model of the James Webb Space Telescope visits the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Tim Otto Roth on using Hubble data as art

German artist Tim Otto Roth uses green laser light to project Hubble spectra onto a surface. The exhibit is currently on display in Baltimore, Maryland.

Astronomers find exoplanets in decade-old Hubble data

Using data from 1998, astronomers have found two previously unknown planets orbiting distant suns. How many more planets lie hidden in old data?

New ESA images reveal inner workings of galaxies

Newly released images of Holmberg II and Markarian 509 reveal these galaxies’ inner workings. Both have stories unlike that of our home galaxy, the Milky Way.

Three new crew for International Space Station in November

All of launch dates are tentative, but are a welcome step after concerns that launches would cease due to an unmanned Soyuz crash over Siberia on August 24.

Moon-bound twin GRAIL spacecraft launch success

The instruments aboard the twin GRAIL lunar orbiters are so precise they can detect a change in the distance between the two the diameter of a red blood cell.

Hubble movies show supersonic stellar jets in motion

Combined Hubble images show jets in motion from young stars.