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Guy Ottewell

Valentine’s Day

Astronomer Guy Ottewell reflects on the planet of love.

Vesta, brightest asteroid, brightest for 2017

If you’ve never spotted an asteroid, now would be a good time to try. Vesta’s 2017 opposition is around now. Guy Ottewell provides charts and explains more.

Thanksgiving evening

There’s the sky we can see, and, beyond that, a whole universe of objects we can’t see with the eye alone. Guy Ottewell gives you a way to project outward on this Thanksgiving evening.

Where is Proxima Centauri?

You probably know by now that a planet has been discovered around the very nearest star. Guy Ottewell shows you where in space that star is.

Five petals of Venus

A word about the “pentagram” of Venus, a highly noticeable rhythm in the motion of Venus, as viewed from an Earth-centered perspective.

Leap babies

If you’re born on a leap day, do you have birthdays only once every four years?

Venus Valentina

Venus tried to kiss Mercury, but Mercury got away.