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The world’s smallest autofocus lens mimics the human eye

To save energy, researchers designed a lens that’s curved, like lens of the human eye.

Image credit: woodleywonderworks

The healthiest diet, according to your genes

The genes have spoken: your dinner plate should be divided into three, and you should eat six times a day.

Mineralized material: Stem cells in alginate beads (left), and the result – mineralized material (right). Photo: Magnus Ø. Olderøy and Minli Xie, IFY NTNU

A greenhouse for growing bones

Norwegian researchers are working on a method of growing bones from tiny beads derived from seaweed.

Image credit: NASA

Fighting oil spills with air bubbles

Curtains of air-bubbles are turning out to be a new method of fighting oil-spills.

Photo credit: Sensual Shadows Photography

Moose crossing alert in your car

Norwegian researchers are developing a new system for your car that can warn of moose – and traffic jams – in the roadway ahead.


Recycling old boats

In Norway, nearly 5,000 recreational boats are retired and disposed of every year – sunk to the bottom of the sea or burned in a bonfire. Now, researchers have developed a new method for recycling these vessels.


Forklift trucks that run on a green charge

The first forklift trucks in Europe that will run on fuel cells and with hydrogen in their tanks are on the way to the market.

Image credit: SINTEF

Norwegian scientists fabricating radiation sensors for CERN particle collider

These 3D radiation sensors will be needed when CERN’s 30-km particle ring in Switzerland is upgraded to run at higher energies in 2017.


Gene technologists: Today’s ingenious, controversial designers

Synthetic biology has arrived. At a stroke, gene technologists have become the world’s most significant and controversial designers.


A new vessel for the Arctic

A new kind of vessel is being specially designed to tolerate the tough, frigid conditions in the Arctic to allow for the repair and maintenance of sub sea installations.