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Eleanor Imster

Lake Louise

“The smoke from a wildfire created a great mood.”

Juno sees Jupiter up-close and personal

A series of images from the Juno spacecraft’s 8th close flyby of the gas giant planet

Openings in Antarctic sea ice influence global climate

Heat escaping through openings in sea ice influences sea and atmospheric temperatures and wind patterns around the globe – even rainfall around the tropics, says new study.

Cassini milestones before the final plunge

Milestones for Cassini’s final week at Saturn. Today’s distant flyby of the large moon Titan will slow down the spacecraft enough so that – on Friday – Cassini will make its final plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere.

Pluto features get names

The 14 geological features are the first to be officially named, following the New Horizons spacecraft’s close flyby of Pluto in July 2015.

Human antidepressants found in brains of Great Lakes fish

“Fish are receiving this cocktail of drugs 24 hours a day, and we are now finding these drugs in their brains.”

How Harvey churned up, and cooled down, Gulf waters

These maps show how the deluge of fresh rainwater and ocean mixing from hurricane Harvey combined to dramatically alter the surface waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Saturn riding the Dark Horse

In this project nightflight image, the Dark Horse Nebula has a rider. Turn sideways to see Saturn riding on the horse’s neck.

Autumn is coming!

The start of September means that autumn is just around the corner. Manish Mamtani took this shot in September 2016 in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Milky Way over Cape Hatteras lighthouse

John Entwistle captured this shot in mid-August on North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras.