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Eleanor Imster

Mars explorers wanted!

Can you picture yourself as an explorer, farmer, surveyor or teacher on Mars? Download a NASA Mars poster (free!) that speaks to you.

Explore 20 years of Earth data

From NASA, 2 decades of planetary change. See detailed views of volcanoes fuming, hurricanes flooding, dams being built, wildfires sweeping across landscapes and more.

Vesturhorn reflection

Wow! Photo by Grafixart Sam of Iceland’s Vesturhorn mountain.

Wildfire smoke messing with orangutans’ eating and sleep

“They sounded raggedy, a little like humans who smoke a lot,” said a researcher who studies orangutans in the Indonesian forests.

Sunset with lightning over Illinois

Russ Adams captured this glorious image in Pike County, Illinois on May 26, 2018.

2018 Atlantic hurricane season outlook

Atlantic hurricane season starts today. Experts are forecasting a 75% chance that the 2018 season will be near- or above-normal, thanks in part to a weak El Niño.

The real story behind that melted camera

NASA’s melted camera became a social media phenomenon last week. Here’s the story behind the picture.

Top 10 new species 2018

This year’s list includes a towering tree and a tiny, single-celled protist, as well as a rare great ape and the fossil of an Australian marsupial lion.

When was Earth’s 1st snow?

A new study suggests our planet got its 1st snowfall about 2.4 billion years ago, after a lot of land rose swiftly from the sea and set off dramatic changes on Earth.

Waiting for tomorrow

Tommy Richardsen captured this image near Skjervøy in northern Norway.