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Eleanor Imster

Milky Way and zodiacal light over Death Valley

Jeff Berkes captured the Milky Way and the zodiacal light from California’s Death Valley National Park on February 16.

Views of home

Intriguing and inspiring perspectives of our home planet from spacecraft cameras looking back at Earth.

Wildfires will likely get worse in western North America

A new study projects increases in burning across the U.S. West and Canada. It suggests large fires – such those we’ve seen recently in California – may become more common.

Almost-real-time map of global fishing

“Until now we didn’t really know where people were fishing in vast swaths of the ocean …”

5 minutes before sunrise

Photographer Steve Scanlon captured this beautiful color just 5 minutes before sunrise over the Shrewsbury River in Rumson, New Jersey.

Moon’s water might be widespread

A new study suggests that the moon’s water is widely distributed across its surface, though it’s not necessarily easily accessible.

How naked mole rats stay cancer-free

Another piece in the puzzle of how these wrinkled, hairless, buck-toothed creatures live such long and cancer-free lives.

The skywatcher

RV Photography said, “After a night of astrophotography, it’s nice to just take a seat and enjoy the stars …”

Watch an octopus get spiky

Octopuses and cuttlefish have an amazing defense tactic. They can erect 3D spikes from their skin, hold them for an hour, then retract them and swim away.

Mars rover finds possible rock stripes

The long-lived Opportunity Mars rover keeps finding surprises, including these possible stone stripes. On Earth, similar features result from repeated freezing and thawing of wet soil.