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Eleanor Imster

Guessing your shelter dog’s breed? You’re probably wrong

What breed is he? is often the first question people ask about a dog, but the answer is often terribly inaccurate,” said the author of a new genetic study of shelter dogs.

Sunflowers and clouds

Marcia White Bower captured this photo earlier this month in Syracuse, New York.

See it! Moon sweeps past Mars

Mars is still at its best, and the moon has just swept past. Plus Saturn is nearby. Enjoy these photos from the EarthSky community.

Crack! Lightning over the Atlantic

John Entwistle captured this image on North Carolina’s Outer Banks of “an insane lightning strike lighting up the clouds over the ocean.”

Compare sizes of sun and stars

It’s hard to get your head around the sheer size of objects in space, but take 2 minutes and give it a try!

Hummer on pink

Ruby-throated hummingbird by Ken Christison.

Parade of moon and planets

Last night’s lineup of Mars, Saturn, the star Antares, the moon, Jupiter, and Venus in the sky over Yuen Long, Hong Kong, by Matthew Chin.

We promise you won’t be eaten by a megalodon

So go ahead and get scared at the new movie “The Meg,” but don’t worry. Scientists have officially debunked the myth that megalodon sharks still exist.

Thunderstorm and the Milky Way

“I have waited years to capture a severe thunderstorm and the Milky Way in the same frame. Sunday night I accomplished my goal in Arizona.”

Carbon monoxide from California wildfires drifts east

What happens in California doesn’t stay in California. This animation, made from satellite data, shows carbon monoxide from the state’s massive wildfires drifting eastward all the way across the U.S.