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Eleanor Imster
Image via NASA

Mystery of sun’s coronal heating

Exploding “heat bombs” might explain why the sun’s upper atmosphere, or corona, sizzles at millions of degrees – hundreds of times hotter than at the surface.

Hurricane Sandy 2012 via NASA

Hurricane risk to US northeast coast

Due to shifting weather patterns, the northeastern coast of the United Sates could see more frequent and more powerful hurricanes in the future, says new research.

Image via NOAA

2016-17 winter outlook for US

NOAA’s outlook for this winter predicts a warmer, drier South, and cooler, wetter North. Drought is expected to persist in California and expand in the Southeast.


Vast underground water ice on Mars

Water ice can’t persist on Mars surface in the region of Utopia Planitia, about halfway from Mars’ equator to its pole. But researchers say there’s water in a vast frozen lake underground.


Félix Aguilar Observatory

Gorgeous shot of the Félix Aguilar Observatory in San Juan, Puerto Rico, by AstroLina Photography.

November 20, 2016. Image via NASA.

Southeastern US wildfires still blazing

Fires continue to blaze in the southeastern United States with no end in sight. Here’s a satellite look at a few of them.

Dead trees in Kings Canyon National Park in California, via the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and KCBX.

Drought still grips southern California

California has dry spells, but the state hasn’t had exceptional drought since at least 2000. Now, about 20 percent of California is in exceptional drought, and many trees have died.

Discoveries indicate mass fishing and therefore a semi-permanent settlement. Image via Arne Sjöström

An underwater Stone Age settlement

Researchers have now mapped a preserved underwater site off the coast of Sweden. They think it was a lagoon where Mesolithic humans lived during parts of the year.

Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Watch summer clouds on Titan

Time-lapse by the Cassini spacecraft shows methane clouds moving across northern regions of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, on October 29­­­­ and 30.

Image via RodNeil Thomas

Fajada Butte

RodNeil Thomas got this shot on October 29 at Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. He said, “This was my first time solo photographing the night sky. I’m hooked!”