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Posts by Eleanor Imster

Artist's concept via ESA–C. Carreau/ATG medialab.
Science Wire | Nov 21, 2014

Thud of Philae landing on comet

Take 2 seconds to listen to a sound made 311 million miles away.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 8.31.51 AM
Science Wire | Nov 19, 2014

Video: Could humans actually live on planet Mars?

Could we survive on Mars? The AsapSCIENCE guys address the question.

View larger | This diagram shows key differences between men and women in cardiovascular, immunologic, sensorimotor, musculoskeletal, and behavioral adaptations to human spaceflight.
Image credit: NASA/NSBRI
Science Wire | Nov 19, 2014

Men and women adapt differently to spaceflight

A study looks at differences in the ways that men and women’s bodies react to time spent in space.

Photo via Mike Taylor - Taylor Photography
Today's Image | Nov 19, 2014

Cape Neddick Lighthouse at night

The Milky Way rises behind Cape Neddick Lighthouse (aka Nubble Light) in York, Maine.

Photo credit: Glen Miles Photography
Science Wire | Nov 17, 2014

Study suggests 2014 ocean surface temps warmest on record

2014 is still on track to be the warmest year on record, and ocean surface temperatures appear to be rising as well.

Engraving by Adolf Vollmy
Today's Image | Nov 15, 2014

Leonid meteor shower 1833

Engraving of the November 1833 Leonid meteor shower. This year’s Leonids peak on the morning of November 18.

Optical images of Uranus on Sept. 19 and Oct. 2, showing the dramatic appearance of a bright storm on a planet that normally displays only a diffuse bright polar region. Image courtesy of amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley, Murrumbateman, Australia.
Science Wire | Nov 13, 2014

Visible storms on Uranus thrill astronomers

The normally bland face of Uranus has become increasingly stormy, with enormous cloud systems so bright astronomers can see details in the planet’s hazy blue-green atmosphere.

Science Wire | Nov 12, 2014

Watch today’s comet landing live online

NASA and ESA will provide live online coverage of the November 12 Rosetta mission’s scheduled landing of a probe on a comet. Here’s how to watch.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 7.54.10 AM
Science Wire | Nov 10, 2014

Video: Astronauts put GoPro in floating water ball

Watch three astronauts aboard the ISS having fun with a GoPro and a floating ball of water.

Photo credit: T.Richardsen
Today's Image | Nov 09, 2014

Cold has come to the north

An image of a far northern latitude, where it’s beginning to look a lot like winter.