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Posts by Eleanor Imster

Photo credit: Göran Strand
Today's Image | Aug 29, 2014

Purple aurora

Very beautiful aurora over Östersund, Sweden. We love aurora season!

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 4.47.33 PM
Science Wire | Aug 28, 2014

Report: Summer ozone to get much worse in next 35 years

A new report warns of a 70% increase in the number of days with unhealthy summertime ozone levels by the year 2050.

Photo credit: Maranatha.it Photography
Today's Image | Aug 28, 2014

Sea clouds at sunset

Isn’t this gorgeous? Clouds at sunset over Italy’s Ligurian Sea by Maranatha.it Photography.

Photo © 2014 Tor-Ivar Næss
Today's Image | Aug 23, 2014

Aurora and reflection

In honor of the return of aurora season to Earth’s northerly latitudes, here’s the aurora borealis – northern lights – above Norway’s Lyngen Alps.

Photo via University Herald
Science Wire | Aug 21, 2014

Researchers find life beneath half a mile of Antarctic ice

The discovery of bacteria in a lake under 800 meters of ice suggest the possibility that similar life might exist elsewhere in our solar system.

Photo credit: David Hughes/Penn State
Science Wire | Aug 21, 2014

Zombie ant fungus kills its hosts on doorstep of ant colony

A zombie ant fungus must kill its ant host outside the ant colony, in order to to reproduce and transmit its infection, new research shows. But not far outside.

Today's Image | Aug 19, 2014

Intense rainbow over Northern Ireland

Glenn Miles sat in his truck and waited out a rainstorm, then captured the most intense rainbow he’d ever seen.

Curiosity self-portrait Feb. 3, 2013 via NASA
Science Wire | Aug 18, 2014

Video: Our Curiosity

A video love letter to the Curiosity rover on Mars, narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Felicia Day.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.10.44 AM
Science Wire | Aug 16, 2014

New video of Pluto and giant moon Charon

NASA’s Pluto-bound New Horizons spacecraft created this new video of stills taken of the Pluto-Charon system over five days last month.

Photo credit: Manish Mamtani
Today's Image | Aug 15, 2014

Pemaquid Point lighthouse and Milky Way

The historic Maine lighthouse against the gorgeous backdrop of the Milky Way, by Manish Mamtani Photography.