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Eleanor Imster

July 2017 tied with 2016 for hottest July

It was another hot July. Last month was tied with July 2016 as the warmest July in the 137 years of modern record-keeping,

Eclipse photos from EarthSky friends

We received many more wonderful photos of the August 21 eclipse than for any prior event. We love them all, and wish we could post them all! 

The hunt for asteroids

New short video from NASA about the hunt for potentially hazardous asteroids and comets, and ways to defend Earth against them.

Anticrepuscular rays

Laura Bavetz captured these anticrepuscular rays on August 4, 2017.

Meteor in moonlight

Jarred Donkersley captured this meteor on August 5 around midnight, from Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona, with a nearly full moon in the sky.

Lighthouse lightning

Jerry James took this shot in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He calls it “Patience is Key.”

Morning tranquility

Yuri Beletsky captured this scene from the Australian east coast, with Venus, the constellation Orion, and the Pleiades and Hyades star clusters shining in all their glory.

Lots of water inside the moon?

Researchers have detected widespread water within ancient volcanic deposits on the moon.

This is not a mystical tree …

It’s an aerial view of glacial river patterns in Iceland. Manish Mamtani used a drone to capture this image.

Gauging Arctic’s summer sea ice melt

This past winter, Arctic sea ice extent sank to a record low for the 3rd straight year. Now, NASA is looking at the summer melt season’s impact on the Arctic’s oldest, thickest sea ice.