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Posts by Eleanor Imster

Image credit: NASA
Science Wire | Apr 18, 2014

Solar flare today: Awesome image!

A mid-level flare burst from the sun today (April 18) as seen as a bright spot in the center of this image, captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Blogs | Apr 18, 2014

Find the Big Dipper in van Gogh painting

Have you ever noticed the Big Dipper in van Gogh’s Starry Night over the Rhone?

Image credit: Jane Wang
Today's Image | Apr 18, 2014

Tiger beetle dance

A visual representation of a tiger beetle’s trajectories as it chases prey.

Photo credit: Zack Clothier Photography
Today's Image | Apr 17, 2014

Total lunar eclipse over Soda Butte Cone

“Blood Moon” over Yellowstone by Zack Clothier Photography

Photo credit: Greg Diesel Landscape Photograpy
Blogs | Photos | Apr 15, 2014

See it! Photos of total lunar eclipse of April 14-15

Beautiful images of the ‘Blood Moon’ total lunar eclipse of April 14-15, 2014.

Today's Image | Apr 15, 2014

Turquoise dreams

Waterscape by T. Rchardsen

Photo credit: Hallvor Hobbyfotograf Lillebo
Today's Image | Apr 07, 2014

Aurora over Steinvikholmen Castle

Aurora borealis over Norway’s Steinvikholmen Castle on April 3, by Hallvor Hobbyfotograf Lillebo.

Photo cedit: National Institute of Standards and Technology
Science Wire | Apr 04, 2014

New atomic clock won’t gain or lose a second in 300 million years

The NIST has launched a new hyper-accurate atomic clock for the U.S. time standard called NIST-F2. The clock uses a ‘fountain’ of cesium atoms to determine the exact length of a second.

Image credit: NASA
Today's Image | Apr 04, 2014

Mars rover shadow self-portrait

The Mars rover Opportunity caught this image of its own silhouette.

Tsunami travel times
Science Wire | Apr 03, 2014

Video: April 1 tsunami moving across Pacific

Near real-time animation of the tsunami that resulted from the April 1 earthquake off northern Chile. Amazing to see the waves move across the Pacific