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Eddie Irizarry

Asteroid 2013 TX68 passed safely Monday

The asteroid – whose precise trajectory was unknown – passed Earth on March 7 at 13:42 UTC (8:42 ET) at some 10 times the moon’s distance.

Space rocks from Florida fireball found!

A rare find by meteorite hunters in Florida, from the daylight meteor that streaked across skies in the U.S. southeast in late January.

How to see Comet Catalina

Hints on how to perceive the comet’s gradual motion across the sky as it sweeps closest – but not too close – around January 17.

Seeing black holes in visible light

For the first time, flickering light was seen around a nearby black hole in outburst. It was bright enough to be seen in small telescopes.

Curiosity’s 10 best images of Mars in 2015

As of December, 2015, Curiosity has acquired over 292,000 images from Mars’ surface. Here are our picks for the top 10 images by the rover in 2015.

Latest images of Christmas Eve asteroid

Near-Earth asteroid 2003 SD220 will pass safely, at more than 28 times the moon’s distance, on Christmas Eve. Will it cause earthquakes? Of course not.

Asteroid buzzed Earth this weekend, hours after discovery

Discovered on Saturday, closest just hours later, this small asteroid came closer to Earth than weather and television satellites orbit.

Update: 2015 TB145 likely a dead comet

Last week heralded as largest known asteroid to pass Earth until 2027. Swept within 1.3 times the moon’s distance on October 31. Now thought to be a comet!

Seeing the star with nearest rocky planet

How you can see the star HD219134, announced last week to have the nearest rocky exoplanet. Plus … the star’s proper motion, captured by an amateur astronomer.

Asteroid passes by Earth on May 14

But, contrary to some media reports, asteroid 1999 FN53 will not “skim” our planet.