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Cloud tower, view from space

An ISS astronaut shot this photo of a massive cloud tower.

Is Arctic warming behind year’s crazy winter weather?

An atmospheric scientist who studies the Arctic explains why – because of global warming – the U.S. may be in for longer cold spells in the winter.

Genetic research reveals secrets of extinct Tasmanian tigers

The most complete genome yet for a truly unique marsupial – the Tasmanian tiger – suggests that, if the tigers hadn’t been hunted to extinction, they might still have struggled to survive.

How deep is your snow?

It’s really hard to measure snowfall accurately. The National Weather Service relies on more than 8,000 volunteers with rulers.

10 places to find snow beyond Earth

From NASA, here are 10 snowy or icy worlds beyond our own.

Study: A third of Asia’s glaciers likely gone by 2100

Meltwater from the glaciers supplies water to 800 million people, so that loss would mean serious consequences for water management, food security, energy production.

Exposed to wildfire smoke? 5 questions answered

The intense wildfires in southern California are triggering air quality alerts. What do health experts know about how inhaling smoke affects human health?

Turning hurricanes into music

A meteorologist and a music technologist are turning data from tropical storms into musical graphs. Can listening to storms help us understand them better?

Land of Terror

This looks like an abstract painting, but it’s a satellite image of the Tanezrouft Basin, a part of the Sahara Desert in central Algeria known as the Land of Terror.

Pulsars were discovered 50 years ago

In 1967, while helping analyze data from a new telescope, Cambridge student Jocelyn Bell observed a bit of “scruff” – the first evidence of a pulsar. The discovery changed our view of the universe.