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Lunar eclipse via Classical Astronomy.
Blogs | Apr 13, 2014

A Christian astronomer talks about Blood Moons

Some books say the upcoming series of eclipses is a harbinger of dire events. Jay Ryan, astronomer and Christian, explains why he’s not persuaded that “Blood Moons” are a sign of apocalypse.

Misao Okawa via Guinness World Records
Blogs | Mar 05, 2014

Who will live to be over 100?

Centenarians like world’s oldest person Misao Okawa, who is 116 on March 5, epitomize our fears about growing old, says aging researcher Avi Roy

C. elegans via < href='http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Enlarged_c_elegans.jpg' target=_blank>Wikimedia Commons
Blogs | Feb 25, 2014

Are lifespans predictable at an early age?

A study suggested that oxidative stress levels in worms during early life can reveal how long the worms will live. But humans are not worms.

FAQs | Jan 02, 2014

Will I see the northern lights tonight?

Answers to commonly asked questions about seeing one of nature’s wonders: the aurora borealis or northern lights.

Geminid meteor in 2012 by Henry Shaw.
Blogs | Photos | Dec 05, 2013

How to shoot photos of meteors, or shooting stars

Want to try to capture a meteor on film? The first step is planning. The next step is to gather your equipment. Then on to the capture process itself.

View larger. | Image via Flickr user jronaldlee.
Dec 02, 2013

Do unemployed people age faster?

“What we really need – to learn to slow or stop the aging process – is how to reduce or repair the damage done by stress.” – Avi Roy and Anders Sandberg

Northern lights, desaturated, by Mike Taylor Photography
Blogs | Photos | Nov 19, 2013

Will you see colors in an aurora?

If you live below about 50 degrees N. latitude, where any aurora you see might be low on the horizon, you are less likely to see colors in the northern lights.

Image by Faith K Lefever via The Conversation
Blogs | Aug 15, 2013

If you want to live longer, do nothing

“Baring an accident or terminal disease, I will not add anything to my life with the explicit purpose of extending it. To do anything else would likely do more harm than good.” – Avi Roy

Photo via The Conversation
Aug 06, 2013

Is meat grown in labs the next logical step for food production?

Lab-grown meat might seem like a shake-up in the world of agriculture, but it’s really part of the trajectory that agricultural technology is already following.

Image via fishhawk
Jul 29, 2013

A hippie’s defense of GMOs

“I’m a crazy hippie. I go to Burning Man every year … I have a pretty solid understanding of how genes work. And ultimately, I’m just not that scared of GMOs.” – SaulofHearts