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Photo credit: Meandering Mammal/Flickr
Blogs | Oct 20, 2014

Hundreds of millions of South Asians at risk from glacier melt

Hundreds of millions of people in countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh depend on the Hindu Kush Himalayan glaciers for food, energy and water.

Photo credit: Mahatma4711
Blogs | Sep 16, 2014

A push for climbing reform after Sherpa deaths on Everest

In the wake of the deaths of 16 Nepalese guides on Mount Everest in April 2014, many groups push for reform of climbing expedition practices.

Photo credit: Almannavarnir
Sep 09, 2014

Craters have appeared on two glaciers in Iceland

The recent volcano eruptions in Iceland have created enormous circular depressions in two of the country’s glaciers.

Photo credit: Lisa Grossman/New Scientist
Blogs | Videos | Aug 26, 2014

Testing a space rover under Alaskan ice

Scientists test a device on an Alaska glacier that could be used to explore an icy moon of Jupiter.

Photo credit: Bonnie J. McCay
Blogs | Aug 22, 2014

A trip down Canada’s Iceberg Alley

It’s been a banner year for iceberg sighting in Iceberg Alley, the area off northeastern Newfoundland where the Titanic struck an iceberg and went down in April, 1912.

This is not Baroarbunga, but it's what a volcano that's spewing a lot of ash into the atmosphere looks like.  Image via Aviation Safety Institute
Blogs | Aug 18, 2014

The risk of an exploding glacier is heating up in Iceland

Icelandic Meteorology Office closely monitoring Bárðarbunga, a volcano more than 2,000 meters in elevation, located beneath the country’s largest glacier. Aviation code now back down to orange.

July 10, 2014 moon via Joe Randall
Blogs | Jul 12, 2014

Discern a supermoon’s large size with the eye? An observer says yes

There’s a supermoon this weekend, and many will tell you that you can’t discern its extra large size with just your eye. Daniel Fischer in Königswinter, Germany says that’s not true.

Geminid meteor in 2012 by Henry Shaw.
Blogs | Photos | May 05, 2014

How to shoot photos of meteors, or shooting stars

Want to try to capture a meteor on film? The first step is planning. The next step is to gather your equipment. Then on to the capture process itself.

Misao Okawa via Guinness World Records
Blogs | Mar 05, 2014

Who will live to be over 100?

Centenarians like world’s oldest person Misao Okawa, who is 116 on March 5, epitomize our fears about growing old, says aging researcher Avi Roy

C. elegans via < href='http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Enlarged_c_elegans.jpg' target=_blank>Wikimedia Commons
Blogs | Feb 25, 2014

Are lifespans predictable at an early age?

A study suggested that oxidative stress levels in worms during early life can reveal how long the worms will live. But humans are not worms.