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Do we contain the most elaborate set of instructions? Image via theconverstation /shutterstock

How many genes to make a person?

The answer – fewer than are in a banana – has implications for the study of human health and raises questions about what generates complexity anyway.

Artist’s impression. Image via James Vaughan.

Asgardia: Space nation or pie in sky?

“I have become citizen number 62 of Asgardia, a new space nation dedicated to expanding peaceful exploration of space for the benefit of humanity.”

Image via asgardia.space

Asgardia, the nation state of space

Russian businessman Igor Ashurbeyli believes that an orbiting space station has the potential to become a sovereign nation in space.

Image via learnerlog.org.

Spread of early humans: New findings

New studies reveal the diversity of early human populations and help pin down when we left Africa.

The feeling isn’t mutual. Image via caruba/Flickr

Lifeform of the week: Rats

The secret life of urban rats.

he HI-SEAS mission gives people a chance to practise on Earth what life would be like on Mars. A crew member here from the 2015 mission.  Image via Flickr/University of Hawaii/HI-SEAS

After a year on (simulated) Mars

A week ago, a test crew emerged after living for a year in Mars-like conditions inside a solar-powered dome on the slopes of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano.

Image via NOAA.

Have we been wrong about life’s origin?

For 90 years, science’s favorite explanation for the origin of life has been the “primordial soup”. But recent research adds weight to an alternative idea.

Image via GreatAmericanEclipse.com

Best places to watch 2017 eclipse

Where’s the best place to see the August 21, 2017 eclipse? Here are 10 great viewing spots to gaze upon nature’s grandest spectacle, weather permitting.

An artist's re-creation of the first human migration to North America. Image via DEA Picture Library / Deagostini / Getty Images

How did humans first reach America?

A new study suggests that the first people to reach America travelled via the Pacific coast rather than through a corridor between two giant ice sheets.

Polar bear in Svalbard, Norway. Image via Arturo de Frias Marques

Polar bears’ biggest threat is ice loss

Hunting used to be the biggest threat to polar bear survival. Not anymore.