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EarthSky 22

EarthSky 22: Two comets in 2013!

Two comets you’ll want to know about … plus the silence of silence in the world’s quietest room. Song of the week is Hundred Visions’ “Last Cab from Tunis. ”

EarthSky 22: Earth closest to sun every January

Earth at perihelion and the Quadrantid meteors. Song of the week: Twin Cabins’ “Swing Lynn.” Your 22 minutes of science and music!

EarthSky 22: Ebb and Flow moon crash, the Christmas Star, and Black Books

Your 22 minutes of science and music from EarthSky’s hometown of Austin, Texas. Enjoy!

EarthSky 22: Doomsday, December solstice, great music

Doomsday? …. Nah! December solstice … Yes! Plus great music from The Shins and more. Press play!

EarthSky 22: Watch rock-comet meteors this week!

Rock-comet meteors this week. Song of the week is Father John Misty’s “Nancy from Now On” off the Spotify Sessions. EarthSky 22, your weekly mix of science and music.

EarthSky 22: Planets and pyramids, Jupiter best

Jupiter opposition, a false image of planets and the pyramids on December 3 2012, and a great song by The Eastern Sea. Science and music from Austin, TX. Enjoy!

EarthSky 22: Snowball Earth and the penumbral eclipse

Hear about the Snowball Earth theory, the upcoming penumbral eclipse, and of course, hear great music, like the Heartless Bastards’ “Gotta Have Rock n Roll” – on this week’s EarthSky 22!

EarthSky 22: Pleiades star cluster

The Pleiades star cluster – what to look for. Plus what’s up with Alaska’s Cleveland volcano? Song of the week: The Echocentrics “Down Under.” Science and music together here!

EarthSky 22: More meteors and a word about climate models

November has meteor showers! How climate models work. Song of the Week is The Black and White Year’s “To Modern Science.” Your 22 minutes of science and music.

EarthSky 22: Moon halos as Sandy passed, plus November meteors

On both sides of Superstorm Sandy last week, many saw moon halos. Song of the week is The Boxing Lesson’s “Better Daze.” Check out their new video. Science and music here.