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Come to know the Pleiades, or 7 Sisters

At this time of year, for all of us around the globe, the Pleiades star cluster culminates – reaches its highest point in the sky – around midnight.

Cassiopeia to Andromeda galaxy

One half of the W of Cassiopeia is more deeply notched than the other half. This deeper V is your “arrow” in the sky, pointing to the Andromeda galaxy.

Asteroids photobomb distant galaxies

The Hubble Space Telescope captured nearby asteroids photobombing distant galaxies

Is telekinesis real?

A neuroscientist talks about the history of telekinesis and the complexity of the human brain.

What’s the birthstone for November?

Happy birthday November babies!  The name of your birthstone, the topaz, comes from a Sanskrit word for fire.

How do human genes act in space?

“Looking at gene expression … we really see an explosion, like fireworks taking off, as soon as the human body gets into space.”

How to see Auriga the Charioteer

Come to know constellation Auriga’s bright star Capella and the little asterism called The Kids.

Schedar lies at the Queen’s heart

Cassiopeia the Queen is one of the easiest-to-recognize constellations, having the shape of an M or W, Schedar is the Queen’s brightest star.

Find constellations of the zodiac

Today’s sky chart shows the constellations of the zodiac that are up after nightfall on these October evenings.

Why leaves change color in fall

The bright colors are wonderful to behold. But do they have some hidden purpose?