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Deborah Byrd

Why space radiation won’t stop human space exploration

Videos and links related to potential health effects to astronauts from space radiation, plus solutions and countermeasures.

Double moon halo

A 22-degree lunar halo, with a 9-degree lunar halo inside it.

These clouds are called ship tracks

Ship tracks typically form among low-lying stratus and cumulus clouds. They form around exhaust particles released by ships.

Research shows black holes push away their dinners

“Winds must blow away a large fraction of the matter a black hole could eat,” researchers said.

Will future landers on Europa sink?

Jupiter’s moon Europa is an ocean world beneath an icy crust, and scientists want to land a spacecraft there. But a new study indicates a surface less dense than freshly fallen snow.

Swollen Seine causing Paris floods

Eastern France experienced unusually heavy rainfall throughout January 2018, and last week the Seine, in Paris, began a precipitous rise. Videos here.

Where’s the moon? Waxing gibbous

It’s waxing toward a full supermoon this weekend.

Sun pillar over frozen lake, Sweden

Nature photographer Jörgen Andersson posted this photo to EarthSky Facebook on January 22, 2018.

Scientist proposes yet another new definition of a planet

What’s a planet? What’s a dwarf planet? What’s a brown dwarf? In recent years, astronomers have grappled with these definitions. The newest proposal comes from Johns Hopkins.

1st quarter moon is January 24

The moon will reach its 1st quarter phase on January 24 at 22:20 UTC. It’ll shine in the evening sky, looking half-illuminated, like half a pie.