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Deborah Byrd

Jupiter’s independently pulsating auroras

The auroras over Earth’s north and south poles typically mirror each other. But X-ray observations show that Jupiter’s auroras pulsate on different timescales.

Video: Our living planet from space

“That’s the Earth, breathing every single day, changing with the seasons, responding to the sun, to the changing winds, ocean currents and temperatures.”

Today in science: 1st intentional radio message to space

What do you think? Should we be advertising our presence in space?

Leonid meteors peak next 2 mornings

Will you see thousands of meteors during the 2017 Leonid meteor shower? Doubtful. But you might see a sprinkling of meteors before dawn November 17 and 18.

November’s Leonid meteor shower

Here are all the details you need for 2017’s Leonid meteor shower, at its best on the mornings of November 17 and 18.

Moon sliding past 3 planets this week

The planets are Mars, Jupiter and Venus. The moon will move past them all in the coming mornings. Look east!

Will 15 days of darkness start November 15? Nah

Are you ready for 15 days of darkness, November 15-30? No need to be. It’s a hoax.

Moving shadows around a planet-forming star

This star has a spiral disk of dust around it. Processes in the inner disk – winds, or swirls or clashes of pebbles – seem to be casting shadows on the outer disk.

Don’t miss Jupiter and Venus at dawn!

Spectacular Venus-Jupiter conjunction on Monday! These are the 2 brightest planets, and they’ll be less than a moon-width apart. If you do miss them on Monday, keep watching. The moon is about to sweep past them.

Cloud shadow mystery … solved?

We published a photo last Tuesday, showing a mountain’s shadow. We wondered what caused it. Now – with the help of the EarthSky community – the mystery may be solved.