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Deborah Byrd

Shelf cloud over Florida

People see and photograph shelf clouds most often when these clouds are moving just ahead of intense lines of thunderstorms.

Mars starts to rise before midnight

Or does it?

June guide to the bright planets

Here’s how to find the bright planets – Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Mercury – in June 2018.

2017’s costliest hurricanes

Harvey, Irma and Maria – all 2017 hurricanes – are among the top 5 costliest Atlantic hurricanes since record-keeping began in 1851.

Viewing Saturn’s rings soon? Read me 1st

The best few months of 2018 for seeing Saturn’s glorious rings are upon us. You’ve seen the photos, but maybe you want to see the rings with your own eyes? Here are a few things to think about.

Today is Walt Whitman’s birthday

“Love the earth and sun and the animals …” – Walt Whitman

Manhattanhenge comes to New York City

Each year on May 29 and 30 – and again in early July – New Yorkers watch for Manhattanhenge. Here’s what causes it.

Could we learn E.T.’s language?

If an extraterrestrial civilization had a language, would it have common features with Earth languages? Linguists explain why they think it’s possible.

Lightning sprite over Oklahoma. My Best srite lightning capture to date, said photographer Paul Smith.

Lightning sprites over Oklahoma

My best sprite lightning capture to date, said long-time observer Paul Smith.

Is Pluto made of a billion comets?

By comparing data from the 1st-ever Pluto flyby and a 1st-ever comet rendezvous mission, scientists developed what they call the ‘giant comet’ model of Pluto formation.