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Deborah Byrd

Spacecraft snaps new farthest-from-Earth images

Voyager 1 captured its famous Pale Blue Dot image at a record distance in 1990. It took 27 years to beat that record, but now New Horizons has. 

When can you see Earth’s shadow?

Like all worlds orbiting suns, our planet Earth casts a shadow. Here are some times to look for it.

Where’s the moon? Waning crescent

The moon has passed several planets before dawn and it’s now waning toward a partial solar eclipse on February 15.

Sunday morning moon and Saturn

An astrophotographer in Alamosa, Colorado, went outside before dawn to clear the snow. Then he noticed the moon and Saturn. That image and more, below.

Where is Elon Musk’s car going?

It was meant to go into an orbit that would take it past Mars, but where’s it going really? Plus, see outer space from the vantage point of Starman, the mannequin in Elon Musk’s red Tesla Roadster, and much more.

Mars brighter in 2018 than since 2003

In 2003, Mars was closer and brighter in our sky than in nearly 60,000 years. In 2018, Mars will be at its brightest since then! Start watching Mars now.

Elon Musk, on Falcon Heavy’s triumphant launch

Follow Musk’s description of the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy lift vehicle, which will give the U.S. a capability in space not seen since the Saturn V rockets of the Apollo era.

James Webb Telescope arrives in California

The James Webb Telescope’s 2 component halves had been undergoing testing in Houston. They’re now at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems in California, about to be assembled.

TRAPPIST-1 worlds likely terrestrial and water-rich

Terrestrial means more like Earth than Jupiter or Saturn. Water-rich means a potential for life. New insights about the 7 planets orbiting the nearby star TRAPPIST-1.

Last quarter moon is February 7

Watch for the last quarter moon after midnight Tuesday, or early Wednesday morning. It’ll be showing us half of its lighted half, or day side.