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Deborah Byrd

Where’s the moon? Waning gibbous

Watch for the moon late at night now, or in the early morning. When you see it, you might think it looks oddly egg-shaped, like a misshapen clone of a full moon.

When is the next supermoon?

2017 had just 1 full supermoon, but 2018 will have 2. In fact, the next 2 full moons – both in January, 2018 – will be supermoons.

See it! December’s full supermoon

December’s full supermoon was the closest and brightest full moon of 2017. Wonderful photos here from the EarthSky community around the world.

Voyager 1 fires thrusters after 37 years

Now, the Voyager team is able to use a set of 4 backup thrusters, dormant since 1980. The team says it’ll extend the life of Voyager 1 – the fastest and farthest craft from Earth – by several more years.

Supermassive black holes photobomb Andromeda galaxy

Astronomers thought J0045+41 was 2 orbiting stars, part of the nearby Andromeda galaxy. New work shows it’s 1,000 times more distant, possibly the most tightly coupled pair of supermassive black holes yet seen.

Lunar halo and clouds over Tucson

An example of pareidolia … in this case, the moon, a halo and clouds looking like the moon rocketing into a halo!

EarthSky’s 2017 meteor shower guide

A highlight of the meteor-watching year is just ahead. The Geminid meteor shower rivals the August Perseids and, in 2017, has little to no interference from the moon.

Watch for this weekend’s supermoon

The December 3 full moon will be 2017’s 1st, last and only full supermoon. What that means. How to view it online.

December guide to the bright planets

Of the 5 bright planets, Mars and Jupiter appear in the December 2017 predawn sky all month. Mercury joins them around the December solstice. Venus and Saturn will become lost in the sun’s glare this month.

When is the next Blue Moon?

Blue-colored moons are rare. But folklore has defined 2 other sorts of Blue Moons, which are more commonly seen. The next one will be on January 31, 2018.