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Deborah Byrd

See it! Crepuscular rays

Those beams of light shooting out from the horizon or down from the clouds are called crepuscular rays, or sunrays. Beautiful, mysterious and very noticeable.

Orion the Hunter returns before dawn

Orion the Hunter – the most noticeable of constellations – returns to the east before dawn in each year at this time.

August guide to the bright planets

In August 2018, 4 planets arc across the evening sky. From west to east as night falls, these bright worlds are Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Late August features Mercury before sunrise.

Reaching to the stars

Photographer Miska Saarikko titled this image Reaching to the Stars.

Watch for a daytime moon this week

Beginning around the morning of July 30, 2018, watch for the daytime moon. For the next few days, it’ll be in the west after sunrise.

Beautiful photos! Full moon eclipse and Mars

Earth flew between the sun and Mars this week, so, during yesterday’s total lunar eclipse, the moon and Mars were close. Photos from the EarthSky community here.

See it! Mars is very bright now

It’s the brightest Mars has been in our sky since since 2003. Photos from the EarthSky community here.

Brightest Mars since 2003

Why is Mars so bright and red now in our sky? Here’s the answer.

How to watch meteors in moonlight

A bright moon will do its best to drown out the peak of the 2018 Delta Aquariid meteor shower this week. Here are some tips for enjoying meteors in moonlight.

Moon near Saturn on July 24

Saturn is the bright planet close to tonight’s moon, but a couple of brighter ones – Jupiter and Mars – are also nearby. Learn to identify them all!