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Science Wire | Aug 22, 2014

New Voyager map reveals Neptune’s strange moon Triton

New map from a 1989 spacecraft flyby gives us a glimpse of an unseen world.

Blue hour by Daniel McVey
FAQs | Photos | Aug 21, 2014

What is the blue hour?

The blue hour – when the sun is some distance below the horizon, when the sky is deep blue and the landscape is suffused with bluish light – is a good time to take photos.

Today's Image | Aug 20, 2014

August 19 aurora from space and Earth

One of the first auroras of the 2014 autumn season appeared last night at northerly latitudes. Astronaut Reid Wiseman caught it from space. Photographer Göran Strand caught it from Sweden.

Hoax image via social media.
Blogs | Tonight | Aug 20, 2014

Double moon on August 27?

Will Mars and the moon will appear the same size on August 27, 2014? Nope.

View larger. | A routine wheel survey on sol 631 found the right rear wheel perched atop a spike-shaped rock firmly embedded in the ground.
Science Wire | Aug 19, 2014

Curiosity rover is having wheel problems

Mission planners didn’t anticipate that Curiosity would be driving over an area on Mars that has sharp, pyramid-shaped rocks embedded in hard ground.

M82 X-1
Science Wire | Aug 19, 2014

Strange case of M82 X-1: A rare midsize black hole

A black hole candidate known as M82 X-1 appears to have a mass of about 400 suns, making it one of only half a dozen suspected midsize black holes.

Venus and Jupiter as captured by EarthSky Facebook friend Stefano De Rosa on Isola d'Elba in Italy.
Today's Image | Aug 18, 2014

Great Venus and Jupiter conjunction of 2014

Venus and Jupiter are the brightest planets! Look east before dawn … closest planet-planet conjunction of 2014 August 18. Dazzling near moon August 22 and 23.

Tonight | Aug 18, 2014

Every star visible to unaided eye is within our Milky Way galaxy

If you look in a dark country sky, you’ll easily spot the starlit band of our huge, flat Milky Way galaxy. Every star in our night sky lies inside this galaxy.

Tonight | Aug 15, 2014

Constellation Cepheus looks like a house

The constellation Cepheus represents a King, but looks like the stick house that children draw.

Science Wire | Aug 14, 2014

First dust grains from beyond our solar system

A collector dropped to Earth by the Stardust spacecraft may have contained the first known contemporary dust grains from outside our solar system.