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Deborah Byrd

All you need to know: September equinox

2017’s September equinox arrives on the 22nd. Happy autumn (or spring)!

Triple lightning hits the sea

Roberto Porto captured this image on September 15. He’s on the island of Tenerife, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, off West Africa.

Earth will give this spacecraft a gravity boost Friday

A NASA spaceraft – OSIRIS-REx – bound for an asteroid will sweep in close to Earth on Friday. How to participate in a Wave to OSIRIS-REx campaign. Plus, how to see the craft in the sky and where to submit your images.

See it! Dance of planets before dawn

Mars emerged before dawn last week, to meet Mercury below bright Venus. And then the moon passed through. Thanks to all who submitted photos!

Dust devils on Earth and Mars

Researchers spent 5 years studying dust devils in earthly deserts. They said their research has implications for climate and weather on both Earth and Mars and for human health.

Hazy light pyramid in east? False dawn

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you can see the zodiacal light, or false dawn, at this time of year. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, look for it after sunset.

Astronomers find a pitch-black planet

Exoplanet WASP-12b has the unique capability to trap 94 percent of the visible starlight falling into its atmosphere. The result is a world as black as fresh asphalt.

Venus’ mysterious night side revealed

Researchers using Venus Express spacecraft data report “stationary waves” and slowly moving features in the planet’s upper clouds, during Venus’ long and mysterious night.

Outer space

“I’m a daydreamer and a nightthinker,” wrote photographer Manuel Dietrich.

EarthSky’s meteor shower guide for 2017

A whole series of awesome meteor showers is about to start. Click in for information on how to watch the Draconids, Orionids, Taurids, Leonids and Geminids!