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Posts by Deborah Byrd

Science Wire | Oct 01, 2014

U.S. and India to collaborate on Earth and Mars missions

Both NASA and the Indian Space Research Organization placed spacecraft in orbit around Mars last month. They’ll join forces on an Earth-orbiting mission set for 2020.

Photo by Daniel McVey, September 2014.  Visit Daniel McVey's website.
Today's Image | Oct 01, 2014

Astrophotographer’s self-portrait

A famous shot by Ansel Adams inspired this photo by Daniel McVey.

Total lunar eclipse composite image by Fred Espenak
Tonight | Sep 30, 2014

October 2014 guide to the five visible planets

A total eclipse of the moon on October 8. Comet Siding Spring just misses Mars on October 19. A partial solar eclipse on October 23. Plus Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter!

Image via and solarwinddepot.com
Science Wire | Sep 30, 2014

Wind and solar energy capacity catching with nuclear power

The Worldwatch Institute quantifies the steady decline of nuclear energy’s share of global power production, and renewable energy’s increased share.

Image via Tim Jones/McDonald Observatory.
Tonight | Sep 30, 2014

Star of the week: Gamma Cephei is a future North Star

Gamma Cephei (aka Errai) is a binary star system with at least one planet. It’ll someday be a North Star for Earth.

Photo by Lynton Brown Landscapes in Australia.  Visit Lynton Brown's Facebook page.
Today's Image | Sep 30, 2014

Milky Way over Green Lake, in Horsham, Australia

The glow of a town and more-distant glow of the zodiacal light shine above an Australia lake. Even farther away is the arc of the Milky Way.

Science Wire | Sep 29, 2014

Mars and its atmosphere, seen by MOM spacecraft

Two early images from India’s MOM spacecraft. One shows an edge of Mars, with the planet’s tenuous atmosphere above. The other shows the whole planet. Beautiful!

Science Wire | Sep 29, 2014

World population unlikely to stabilize in this century

Experts used “scenarios” to suggest global human population will stabilize around 9 billion by about 2050. A new statistical analysis tells a different story.

Comet Siding Spring / Mars encounter on October 19.  Chart via NASA.
Blogs | Sep 29, 2014

Comet Siding Spring’s close encounter with Mars

The icy core of Comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring won’t strike Mars when it sweeps closest on October 19. But what a sight from Mars’ surface!

Waning moon near Mars, Scorpion's Heart on September 29 Read more
Tonight | Sep 29, 2014

Moon near Mars and star Antares on September 29

Take a last look at Antares, the legendary Heart of the Scorpion – and identify Mars – near tonight’s moon.