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Deborah Byrd

Rainbow reflected at sunset

To capture an image like this one, where the sky rainbow and reflected rainbow in the water make a perfect circle, your timing has to be perfect.

An upside down rainbow?

Circumzenithal arcs have been described as an “upside down rainbow” or “a grin in the sky.” They’re wonderful! See photos here.

Expect colorful clouds from rocket launch

NASA sounding rocket to form blue-green and red clouds in space Thursday morning. Launch window opens 4:25 a.m. EDT (8:25 UTC). Backup launch day is June 30.

Where’s the moon? Waxing crescent

First quarter moon will be July 1 at 00:51 UTC. Full moon will be July 9 at 04:07 UTC.

Saturday night’s extremely young moon

Photo and animation of an extremely young moon – only 18 hours past the new phase – setting over a hill last night, as seen from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

What’s the youngest moon you can see?

In 2013, an astrophotographer in France captured an amazing photo of the moon at the precise instant of new moon.

June 24 new moon is a supermoon

June 24 new moon occurs on June 23 for the Americas. It’s a supermoon, but not the closest one of 2017.

See the Dragon’s Eyes on June evenings

Look in the northeast on these June evenings, near the star Vega. You’ll see Rastaban and Eltanin, the eyes of Draco the Dragon.

Where’s the moon? Waning crescent

Will you see the moon Friday morning from the Americas? Not likely. New moon will come on June 24, 2017 at 02:31 UTC.

Star of the week: Alphecca

Alphecca. Gemma. Alpha Coronae Borealis or simply Alpha Cor Bor. They’re all names for one star – the brightest star in the constellation Northern Crown.