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Gravitational waves are created in some of the most violent events in our universe, such as the merger of two black holes.  one.Image via Swinburne Astronomy Productions / NASA JPL.
Science Wire | Feb 09, 2016

Have scientists discovered gravitational waves?

Stay tuned for Thursday’s announcement by LIGO, expected to confirm the potentially Nobel-Prize winning discovery of spacetime ripples known as gravitational waves.

Great Meteor Procession of 1913 via U. of Toronto
Blogs | This Date in Science | Feb 09, 2016

This date in science: Great Meteor Procession

During the Great Meteor Procession of February 9, 1913, bright meteors were seen to cross the sky on stately, nearly identical paths.

View larger. | Taken February 6, 2016 at the Alexander Suffield Wildlife Management Area in Connecticut.  Photo by Sharon Killips.
Today's Image | Feb 09, 2016

Frost, fog and sunrise

Worth the cold trek, said Sharon Killips Alexander in Connecticut.

Photo taken February 7, 2016 by John Ashley
Today's Image | Feb 08, 2016

Old moon over Kitt Peak

Founded in 1958 – on a mountaintop in Arizona – this observatory operates its own 3 telescopes and hosts 24 others.

Science Wire | Feb 08, 2016

James Webb Space Telescope takes a giant step

It’ll have 7 times the collecting area of Hubble, and it’s scheduled for launch in 2018. James Webb Space Telescope … and more on this episode of EarthSky News.

Science Wire | Feb 08, 2016

Pluto has mysterious, floating hills

The hills are thought to be fragments of Pluto’s rugged uplands that have broken away and are being carried along the flow paths of glaciers.

Lepus the Hare and Columba the Dove are two small, faint constellations near the easy-to-find constellation Orion the Hunter.
Tonight | Feb 08, 2016

Hare and Dove at Orion’s feet

Two meek animals seem to cower at the feet of the constellation Orion the Hunter. They are Lepus the Hare and Columba the Dove.

California's drought in December, 2013. Photo by John Weiss.  See this photo on Flickr.
Science Wire | Feb 07, 2016

U.S. Southwest is drying

Researchers identified 12 weather patterns across the region. Over the past 30 years, the 3 patterns bringing rain to the U.S. Southwest became less frequent.

The Red Rectangle Nebula, via ESA
Today's Image | Feb 07, 2016

Red Rectangle’s unearthly beauty

A Hubble Space Telescope image of the mysterious Red Rectangle Nebula.

Tonight | Feb 07, 2016

See the beautiful Double Cluster in Perseus

Use the M-shaped (or W-shaped) constellation Cassiopeia to find the Double Cluster in the constellation Perseus.