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The nest of a birdlike dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of China.
Image via Kohei Tanaka via LiveScience
Science Wire | Nov 27, 2015

Were dinosaur nests buried or open?

We know that dinosaurs laid eggs, but did they bury their nests as crocodiles do, or leave them open and exposed, like birds? New research has some answers.

Science Wire | Nov 27, 2015

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This illustration shows Earth surrounded by filaments of dark matter called 'hairs,' proposed in a study in the Astrophysical Journal by Gary Prézeau of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. Read more about this image.
Science Wire | Nov 27, 2015

Does Earth create dark matter hairs?

Theoretical calculations by a JPL astronomer suggest that streams of dark matter – passing through Earth – would emerge as ultra-dense filaments or “hairs.”

Today's Image | Nov 27, 2015

Winter begins in Wisconsin

Winter is coming to northerly latitudes … A beautiful look at an early snowfall.

Photo by Nikolaos Pantazis?
Today's Image | Nov 26, 2015

Morning planets over Aegean Sea

The planets are still striking before dawn in late November, 2015.

FAQs | Nov 25, 2015

Is it true that Jupiter protects Earth?

Jupiter’s gravity slings long-period comets out of harm’s way, while nudging some asteroids closer to Earth. And, in 1770, Jupiter took aim on Earth – but missed.

The lower part of a halo around the sun - and a piece of a circumhorizontal arc - from Sergio Emilio Montúfar Codoñer in La Plata, Argentina.
Today's Image | Nov 25, 2015

Circumhorizontal arc over Argentina

Don’t call them “fire rainbows,” experts say. They’re not rainbows. And they originate with ice, not fire.

Video still from Blue Origin of the November 23, 2015 successful soft landing of the New Shepard rocket.
Science Wire | Nov 24, 2015

Blue Origin soft-lands a rocket!

And Jeff Bezos, which founded the private spaceflight company, sends his first-ever tweet. Congratulations, Blue Origin!

Image source: thevane.gawker.com
Science Wire | Nov 23, 2015

Weather-related natural disasters are up

With COP21 poised to begin in Paris, a new UN report suggests that weather-related disasters were nearly twice as frequent over the past decade as two decades ago.

A composite image - combining x-ray and optical wavelengths - of the Cheshire Cat group of galaxies.  Image via Chandra X-Ray Observatory.
Science Wire | Nov 23, 2015

The Cheshire Cat group of galaxies

A lot of dark matter lies between us and these distant galaxies. Light distortion from gravitational lensing creates the “cat.”