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Posts by Deanna Conners

Bingham Mine landslide April 10, 1963 via U. Utah
Blogs | Apr 10, 2014

This date in science: Landslide at Bingham Canyon Mine

On April 10, 2013 – a year ago today – one of the largest non-volcanic landslides in the history of North America took place at the Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah.

Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone
Blogs | Apr 07, 2014

Earthquakes in Yellowstone: ‘Elevated but not unusual’

Heard about the recent earthquakes in Yellowstone? How about that video of bison fleeing the park? Does it mean the supervolcano is about to blow? No, and here’s why.

Photo by Ted S. Warren via the Concord Monitor.
Blogs | Mar 27, 2014

What causes landslides?

The primary cause of a landslide is the influence of gravity acting on weakened materials that make up a sloping area of land.

Volcanic lightning at Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland in 2010
Blogs | Mar 24, 2014

What causes volcanos to produce lightning?

New technology that can peer inside a volcano’s ash plume is helping scientists understand how volcanic lightning is formed.

FAQs | Mar 20, 2014

Can you explain why Earth has four seasons?

Nearly everyone enjoys the change of seasons on Earth – from winter to spring, from summer to fall. But why do our seasons change?

Blogs | Mar 18, 2014

Before and after images of enormous landslide in Alaska

The landslide on the slopes of Mount La Perouse in Alaska on February 16, 2014 is thought to be the largest known natural landslide on Earth since 2010.

Blogs | Photos | Mar 11, 2014

Vote for best NASA Earth images of the year

There is still time to vote in NASA’s Tournament Earth, an event designed to showcase the best images of Earth for 2013.

Blogs | Mar 03, 2014

Phone app measures night sky brightness

Help scientists create a global map of night sky brightness with the Dark Sky Meter app on your smartphone.

Earth and moon via NASA
Blogs | Feb 28, 2014

When is the next leap year?

Welcome to the last day of February. The next leap day will be February 29, 2016. The reason for leap years explained here.

Image Credit: McGill.
Blogs | Feb 25, 2014

New glass inspired by a seashell

Engineers at McGill have invented a new biomimetic technique that can make glass more shatter resistant.