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Posts by Deanna Conners

Science Wire | Dec 16, 2014

Why does Earth have four seasons?

Many believe Earth’s changing distance from the sun causes the change in the seasons. But that is not the case.

Blogs | Dec 11, 2014

Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count starts December 14

Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count starts December 14 and runs through January 5. It’s free and anyone can participate, but you have to sign up in advance. Here’s how.

Blogs | Dec 11, 2014

Is El Nino here? Not quite yet, scientists say

Despite warm waters in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, the latest update from NOAA explains why El Nino has still not fully developed.

ISS, as captured by Dave Walker
Blogs | Dec 09, 2014

How to spot the International Space Station

Every so often, the International Space Station (ISS) becomes visible in your night sky. Here’s how you can spot it.

Blogs | Dec 01, 2014

Scientists identify mysterious killer of millions of sea stars

Densovirus is the likely culprit behind sea-star wasting disease, which has killed millions of sea stars along North America’s west coast.

Blogs | Nov 24, 2014

Managing biodiversity in parks a growing concern

The amount needed to manage protected areas such as national parks represents a fraction of what the world spends annually on defense, says a study author.

Image Credit: U.S. Geological Survey.
Blogs | Nov 14, 2014

Slow motion disaster continues at Kilauea

On November 3, a federal disaster declaration was issued for the new lava flow at Kilauea. The lava has destroyed only one home … so far.

Image via Steve Hillebrand, USFWS.
Blogs | Oct 28, 2014

Why are these biologists dressed up as whooping cranes?

In the spirit of Halloween? No. These biologists routinely dress as whooping cranes to care for chicks that will eventually be released into the wild.

Image Credit: Jurgen Otto.
Blogs | Videos | Oct 28, 2014

Three amazing feats of spiders

Halloween time is spider time. Three amazing spider skills you might not have known about.

Blogs | Oct 20, 2014

New seafloor map reveals thousands of seamounts

A new global map of the ocean, made with satellite data, reveals thousands of previously uncharted seamounts.