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Chris Comfort
Milky Way Galaxy arching over ESO in La Silla, Chile.

Milky Way arching over La Silla, Chile

In the spirit of International Dark Sky Week, a shimmering panoramic of the Milky Way.

Star Sirius and constellation Orion, photographed by Vasu Agarwal on April 7, 2013.

The Hunter becomes the hunted

Star Sirius “chases” constellation Orion in the night skies over Dehradun, India.

Comet PANSTARRS and a young moon

Video: Comet PANSTARRS and a young moon

In this sped-up video from Fred Espanek – aka Mr. Eclipse – Comet PANSTARRS and a young moon set in the west behind some Arizona mountains.

Sunrise as seen from Haida Gwaii

Yesterday’s sunrise from Haida Gwaii

A molten sun bubbles up from the Pacific Ocean.

Sunset over a wintry northern Sweden

Sunset over a wintry forest in northern Sweden

Glowing sunset colors give warmth to a wintry scene.

High voltage electricity applied to wood board

Video: 15,000 volts of electricity into a plywood board

What happens when you apply 15,000 volts of electricity to a wooden board? Something quite spectacular.

A window into Europa’s ocean

Astronomers have found a new way to gather data about the vast liquid ocean below the surface of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa.

Ruins of Perperikon, ancient city of the Thracians

Human activity at Perperikon, sometimes referred to as the European Machu Picchu, dates back to 5,000 B.C.

Twilight Over the West Philippine Sea

Twilight over the West Philippine Sea

Twilight over the West Philippine Sea by EarthSky Facebook friend Jv Noriega.

Video captures two comets at once in southern skies

Southern Hemisphere skywatchers have been seeing not one but two comets this month. This beautiful video captures Comets Lemmon and PANSTARRS.