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Bruce McClure

Mercury/Mars conjunction before sunrise

No matter where you live worldwide, an imaginary line from the moon through brilliant Venus – in the east before dawn – points in the general direction of Mercury and Mars.

Moon and the Twins next few mornings

Enjoy the moon and Gemini stars, Castor and Pollux, Friday and Saturday mornings. These 2 stars aren’t really twins, but they’re noticeably bright and close together on the sky’s dome.

Andromeda galaxy next door to Milky Way

The Andromeda galaxy is the closest spiral galaxy to our Milky Way and the most distant thing you can see with your eye alone. Find it in your night sky!

Farthest lunar perigee on September 13

The moon reaches perigee – its closest point to Earth – once each month. Today’s perigee is the most distant one of 2017.

Use Great Square to find Andromeda galaxy

Today’s sky chart shows you how to star-hop to the Andromeda galaxy – the large spiral galaxy next-door to our Milky Way – from the Great Square of Pegasus.

Use Cassiopeia to find Andromeda galaxy

Many use the constellation Cassiopedia – which is easy to find, shaped like an M or W – as a jumping off point for locating the near-nearest large galaxy to our Milky Way.

Will you see the moon hide Aldebaran?

If you see a bright star right next to the moon, that’ll be Aldebaran. If you don’t see it, it might be behind the moon! Meanwhile, we all can see the moon traveling in front of Aldebaran’s constellation, Taurus the Bull.

See Mercury and Regulus below Venus?

Elusive Mercury and star Regulus near each other before sunrise. They’re below bright Venus, close to the sunrise point on the horizon. With each passing morning, both star and planet will get a little easier to see …

Delta Cephei is a famous variable star

Delta Cephei doubles in brightness every 5.36 days and thereby helped establish the known distance scale of our galaxy and universe.

Moon and Uranus in Pisces September 8

The waning gibbous moon and Uranus, 7th planet outward from the sun, float in front of the delicate constellation Pisces the Fishes on September 8.