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Bruce McClure

Saturn, Mercury, moon this weekend

The Mercury/Saturn conjunction is Saturday, January 13. Plus, on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, the moon will be pointing toward these planets near the sunrise.

New Year’s Eve, in the Julian calendar

Happy Julian New Year! January 13, 2018 marks the last day of the year in the old-style Julian calendar. Why, and what happened when the calendars switched.

Sun in zodiac constellations, 2018

Sun-entry dates to zodiac constellations in 2018, using boundaries for constellations set by International Astronomical Union in 1930s.

Sun’s entry into zodiac signs, 2018

Astrology and astronomy are different systems. In some systems of astrology, signs of the zodiac remain fixed relative to seasonal markers, such as the equinox and solstice points on the sky’s dome.

Moon, Jupiter, Mars January 10-12

Enjoy great sky scenes on the mornings of January 10-12, 2018, as the moon joins up with the planets Jupiter and Mars in front of the constellation Libra the Scales.

Mars/Jupiter conjunction on January 7

Watch for the magnificent conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in the predawn sky on January 7, 2018. Then get ready for a great year of Mars- and Jupiter-watching in 2018.

Moon and Regulus on January 4

Look for the moon and Regulus to climb above your eastern horizon around mid-evening on January 4, 2018. From some places, the moon will pass in front of Regulus.

Latest sunrises happen in early January

Shortest day on solstice, but latest sunrises in early January at mid-northern latitudes. Southern Hemisphere? Your latest sunsets are around now.

Earth closest to sun on January 2-3

According to clocks in the western hemisphere, we reach perihelion – Earth’s closest point to the sun – during the night tonight (January 3 at 5:35 UTC).

Year’s closest supermoon on January 1-2

Enjoy the “most super” supermoon of the year on the night of January 1-2, 2018, as it lights up the nighttime from dusk to dawn.