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Bruce McClure

Full Hunter’s Moon on November 3-4

It’s the full moon after the Harvest Moon. It bears the name Hunter’s Moon for us in the Northern Hemisphere. For all of Earth, this full moon shines all night on November 3-4, 2017.

November 2017 full moon a supermoon?

The 11th of 2017’s 12 full moons falls on November 3-4. It’s the 2nd-closest full moon in 2017, but is it a supermoon?

Waxing toward full Hunter’s Moon

To the eye, the moon will appear nearly full as the sun sets on November 2. Watch for it in the east as soon as the sun goes down. In fact, it has a bit more to go, and full moon is November 3-4.

Venus and Spica close at dawn

Dazzling planet Venus and Spica, Virgo’s brightest star, are in the same binocular field before sunrise on or around November 2, 2017.

November guide to the bright planets

As November opens, Venus and Mars are up before dawn. Jupiter peeps over the sunrise horizon after November’s 1st week and sweeps spectacularly near Venus. Saturn and Mercury are evening planets.

Halloween is a cross-quarter day

The 4 cross-quarter days fall between equinoxes and solstices. Halloween is the spookiest one – derived from a sacred festival of ancient Celts and Druids – coming as days grow short and nights long in the Northern Hemisphere.

Halloween ghost of the summer sun

At mid-northern latitudes, Arcturus sets about 2 hours after sunset now, at the same point on the horizon as the summer sun, an echo of long summer afternoons.

Algol is the Demon Star

What’s the scariest star in all the heavens? Around Halloween, look for Algol – a star named for a demon!

Moon in Aquarius, near Neptune

Find the zodiacal constellation Aquarius. The moon will be there, too. Neptune can’t be seen in the moon’s glare, but it’s fun to imagine!

Wayward moon receding from Earth

As you view our companion world tonight, ponder on the rich history and intriguing future of our planet Earth and its wayward moon!