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Posts by Bruce McClure

Tonight | Jan 25, 2015

Moon and stars of Aries point to Phantom galaxy on January 25

Practiced stargazers sometimes use three stars outlining the head of the constellation Aries the Ram to find an elusive galaxy – M74 – also known as the Phantom galaxy.

Tonight | Jan 24, 2015

Moon and Uranus in front of Pisces on January 24 and 25

With the moon waxing to full, you’re not likely to glimpse Uranus with the unaided eye. An idea of its location, and links to detailed charts, in this post.

Tonight | Jan 23, 2015

Mars between moon and Venus on January 23

Venus is the brightest starlike object visible after sunset. Mars is higher up and closer to the moon on January 23, 2015.

Tonight | Jan 22, 2015

Moon, Mars, Venus as darkness falls January 22

Use the waxing crescent moon to find Mars and Venus as darkness falls on January 22, and then watch Venus gain ground on Mars until their rendezvous on February 21, 2015.

Tonight | Jan 21, 2015

Young moon and Venus after sunset January 21

Waxing crescent moon with dazzling planet Venus after sunset. You might see Mercury, too. And, in the next few days, watch the moon sweep past Mars.

Elnath represents the Bull's Northern Horn.
Tonight | Jan 20, 2015

Star of the week: Elnath is close to the galactic anticenter

Elnath is the second-brightest star in Taurus the Bull. It’s the closest bright star to the galactic anticenter – the point in space that lies directly opposite of the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

Tonight | Jan 20, 2015

In 2015, first of six supermoons comes on January 20

The first supermoon of 2015 comes on January 20. It’s not a full moon. It’s a new supermoon, between the Earth and sun. So you won’t see it, but those along coasts might experience higher-than-usual tides in the coming day or two.

Tonight | Jan 18, 2015

Star-hop from Great Square of Pegasus to Andromeda galaxy

Ready? Start by looking westward for the four stars of the Great Square.

Tonight | Jan 15, 2015

Moon and Saturn before dawn on January 16

If you’re up before dawn Friday morning, watch for the moon and planet Saturn shining by the Crown of the Scorpion in the constellation Scorpius. Bright Antares is also nearby.

Mercury at greatest elongation from setting sun on January 14 Read more
Tonight | Jan 14, 2015

Mercury farthest from setting sun on January 14

Have you seen Mercury, the sun’s innermost planet? If not – or even if you have – try this week, as dusk gives way to darkness. The dazzling planet Venus will be your guide.