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Tonight | Nov 27, 2014

Second of two lunar perigees in one month on November 27

Plus … the moon is farther from Earth tonight than it will be again until September 13, 2017.

Tonight | Nov 26, 2014

Moon still close to Mars as darkness falls on November 26

The waxing crescent moon and the planet Mars still appear close together in the evening sky. The twosome will be found near the sunset point as darkness falls.

Tonight | Nov 25, 2014

Moon closest to Mars on November 25

Mars and the moon appear near each other early this week, and they are closest tonight! Check them out as soon as darkness falls.

Total lunar eclipse composite image by Fred Espenak
Tonight | Nov 24, 2014

November 2014 guide to the five visible planets

This month, Mars lights up early evening. Jupiter is out from midnight until dawn. Mercury and Saturn in sun’s glare in late November. Where is Venus?

Look for the waxing crescent moon near Mars on November 24, November 25 and November 26.
Tonight | Nov 24, 2014

Want to see a planet? Try Mars and the moon on November 24-26

Mars is the only planet easily visible as darkness falls in late November. Enjoy it near the moon early this week! More about Mars and other planets in this post.

Meteor seen during 2013 Eta Aquarid shower by Justin Ng
Tonight | Nov 23, 2014

EarthSky’s meteor shower guide for 2014

2014 Geminid meteor shower will feature a last quarter moon. Some bright Geminids will withstand moonlight! Evenings December 12 and 13. Mornings December 13 and 14.

Geminid meteor by Mike O'Neal.
Blogs | Tonight | Nov 23, 2014

Everything you need to know: Geminid meteor shower

Peak viewing for the 2014 Geminid meteor shower will probably occur on from late evening December 13 through dawn on December 14.

Tonight | Nov 23, 2014

Orion rises at mid-evening in November and early December

Orion the Hunter is one of the easiest constellations to identify. Its most recognizable feature is a short, straight line of three medium-bright stars.

You've heard of the Big Dipper's "pointer" stars?  You can use them to find the star Capella, too.
Tonight | Nov 22, 2014

Big Dipper bowl points to star Capella

You’ve heard of the Big Dipper’s “pointer” stars? You can use them to find the star Capella, too.

Tonight | Nov 21, 2014

Sky Bear comes to Earth on November evenings

Every year, the Big Dipper (Great Bear) descends to its lowest point in the sky on November evenings.