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Bruce McClure

Moon and Gemini February 25 and 26

The moon is waxing toward full and very bright, but the evening sky also has many bright stars. Look for the Gemini stars, Castor and Pollux, plus Procyon the Little Dog Star.

2018’s 2nd Blue Moon on March 31

The name Blue Moon used to indicate something rare. Not anymore! Popular culture has defined several kinds of Blue Moons. The next one will be March 31.

Moon near Aldebaran on February 23

Tonight – February 23, 2018 – look for the moon near Aldebaran, the ruddy eye of the Bull.

Taurus? Here’s your constellation

How to find to find the constellation Taurus in your night sky. Plus the names of some of its bright stars and star clusters and its mythology.

Moon in Taurus February 22 and 23

Tonight and tomorrow night, let the moon show you the constellation Taurus the Bull on the great dome of sky. How to recognize the Bull’s 2 most prominent features, here.

Moon and Aries on February 21

Tonight – February 21, 2018 – watch the waxing crescent moon light up the evening sky as it dances along the southern boundary of the constellation Aries the Ram.

Peek at moon’s far side on February 20

Of course, the far side of the moon stays hidden from Earth, for the most part. But lunar libration brings a bit of the usually-hidden western limb of the moon into view tonight.

Moon and Uranus February 19 and 20

The waxing crescent moon and the planet Uranus are in front of the constellation Pisces the Fishes.

Young moon and Venus February 16 to 18

This weekend is a wonderful time to start looking for Venus after sunset. Seeing Venus is a challenge now, but the moon will point the way.

Arc to Arcturus, the springtime star

Before going to bed tonight, locate the Big Dipper in your northern sky, and then follow the arc in the Dipper’s handle to find yellow-orange star Arcturus.