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Posts by Bruce McClure

Via Wikimedia and Caravaggio
Tonight | Oct 31, 2014

Algol is the Demon Star

On (or around) Halloween, look for Algol – a star named for a demon!

Photo via Kurt Magoon on Flickr
Tonight | Oct 31, 2014

Halloween derived from ancient Celtic cross-quarter day

Yes, Halloween is an astronomical holiday.

Tonight | Oct 31, 2014

Arcturus is a Halloween ghost of the summer sun

At Halloween – and a few days before and after – the bright star Arcturus sets at the same time and on the same spot on the horizon as the summer sun.

Tonight | Oct 29, 2014

Planets – and maybe some meteors – in late October 2014

In late October 2014, you might be able to see the moon and two planets as dusk gives way to darkness. Although no major meteor shower is on tap, you can always watch for sporadic meteors.

Moon and Mars again on October 28
Tonight | Oct 28, 2014

Moon and Mars again on October 28

Watch as the waxing crescent moon and the planet Mars light up the southwest at nightfall.

Expect high tides to follow a supermoon
FAQs | Oct 27, 2014

When is the next supermoon?

2015 has 6 supermoons! The closest is the full moon on September 28, 2015, which will also undergo a total lunar eclipse.

Image via thebadastronomer on Flickr
Tonight | Oct 27, 2014

Star of the week: Mirach is guide star to three galaxies

The orange-colored star Mirach in the constellation Andromeda acts as your guide star to three different galaxies: M31 (Andromeda galaxy), M33 (Triangulum galaxy), and NGC 404.

Meteor seen during 2013 Eta Aquarid shower by Justin Ng
Tonight | Oct 27, 2014

EarthSky’s meteor shower guide for 2014

Early November meteor showers drowned in bright moonlight, leaving the sky moon-free for the 2014 Leonid shower in mid-month.

Tonight | Oct 27, 2014

Moon and Mars in southwest as darkness falls on October 27

Want to identify Mars before it gets too close to the sun to be seen? This evening is your opportunity. Look southwest after sunset.

Oct 23, 2014 partial solar eclipse by Mikael Linder
Blogs | Oct 26, 2014

Dates of lunar and solar eclipses in 2015 and 2016

Upcoming eclipses.