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Posts by Bruce McClure

The last quarter moon rises in the middle of the night and sets in the middle of the day. Photo by Lilliana Mendez of North Bergen, New Jersey.
Tonight | Apr 29, 2016

Last quarter moon rises around midnight

You might spot it after sunrise on April 30, high in the sky. Did you know a last quarter moon is slightly fainter than a first quarter moon? Learn why here.

Tonight | Apr 28, 2016

Jupiter bright and high in sky

You can’t miss Jupiter, brightest starlike object each evening. It’s now crossing your local meridian in mid-evening. Good time to aim binoculars its way!

Use the star Spica as your guide to the great Omega star cluster
Tonight | Apr 27, 2016

Star Spica, guide to Omega Centauri

Omega Centauri is the largest and finest star cluster visible to the eye alone from the Northern Hemisphere. Let the star Spica help you find it.

Comet Halley's position in May, 2016. The view is from the north side of the solar system, whereby the planets orbit the sun in a counterclockwise direction - but Halley's Comet orbits the sun clockwise. Click here for Comet Halley's present position, or if you'd like, change the date to view its position in any chosen year.
Science Wire | Apr 25, 2016

Comet Halley, parent of 2 meteor showers

The 2 meteor showers spawned by the famous Comet Halley. And a word about Isaac Newton’s Vis-viva equation, his poetic rendition of instantaneous motion.

Eta Aquarid in 2013 by Colin Legg
Tonight | Apr 25, 2016

Everything you need to know: Eta Aquarid meteor shower

In 2016, Eta Aquarid meteor shower peaks on mornings of May 5 and 6. How to watch, history, radiant point, what part of Earth is favored, here.

Tonight | Apr 25, 2016

Moon, Mars, Saturn, Antares on April 25

Moon is still moving past 2 planets and a bright star, Antares in the constellation Scorpius. Learn why this constellation is never in the sky with Orion.

The moon swings by the, Mars, Saturn and Antares on April 24, 25 and 26. The green line depicts the ecliptic. Read more
Tonight | Apr 24, 2016

Moon and Mars rise late on April 24

And so does the planet Saturn and the star Antares. All 4 objects are together in the sky … but Mars is the one to watch!

Montauk Point lighthouse. Photo: Neeti Kumthekar
Science Wire | Apr 23, 2016

What are star trails? How can I capture them?

As Earth spins under the sky, the stars appear to move. When a camera captures that movement, that’s called a star trail. Plus … an astrophotographer explains how he does it.

Photo by Justin Ng
Tonight | Apr 23, 2016

EarthSky’s meteor shower guide for 2016

A list of major meteor showers in 2016. Next one up: the Eta Aquarids. Peak mornings May 5 and 6, but it’s a broad peak … watch several mornings around peak dates.

Buddy Puckhaper in Charleston, South Carolina, contributed the image at top, of a daytime moon.
Tonight | Apr 23, 2016

See daytime moon late April 2016

Starting around April 24, and in the coming few mornings, look for the daytime moon in the west after sunrise.