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Posts by Bruce McClure

Tonight | Aug 27, 2014

Southern climes to view moon, Mercury after sunset August 27

People in the Southern Hemisphere should have an easier time catching the young moon and Mercury after sunset on August 27.

Young moon of March 31, 2014 by Ken Christison.
Blogs | Tonight | Aug 25, 2014

Longest lunar month of 2014 starts on August 25

The longest lunar month of 2014 starts with the August 25 new moon and ends September 24. All you need to know about the varying lengths of the lunar months, here.

M17 via the Very Large Telescope
Tonight | Aug 25, 2014

M17 is the Omega Nebula

Barely visible to the unaided eye on a dark, moonless night, the Omega Nebula (Messier 17) is best seen through binoculars, or low power in a telescope.

Tonight | Aug 25, 2014

Cassiopeia the Queen points to Andromeda galaxy

Some stargazers star-hop to the Andromeda galaxy via the W-shaped constellation, Cassiopeia. Try it!

Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer via Wikimedia Commons.
Tonight | Aug 22, 2014

Born between November 29 and December 18? Here’s your constellation

Astrological signs versus astronomical constellations, how to locate Ophiuchus, some deep-sky treasures it contains, plus charts and more.

Tonight | Aug 22, 2014

Waning moon, Venus and Jupiter spectacular at dawn August 23

This gorgeous celestial trio – the moon, Jupiter and Venus – is so very bright that some sharp-eyed people might even see the brilliant threesome after sunup.

Tonight | Aug 21, 2014

Waning moon above two brightest planets at dawn August 22

See the beautiful sky show before sunrise on August 22, as the waning crescent moon guides your eye to the sky’s brightest and second-brightest planets: Venus and Jupiter.

Tonight | Aug 19, 2014

See Venus, Jupiter and Beehive star cluster before dawn

Jupiter and the Beehive star cluster will be in the same binocular field from now until mid-September. Look east before dawn in late August and September 2014.

Trifid Hubble via Hubble Space Telescope
Tonight | Aug 18, 2014

The Trifid Nebula, or M20

The Trifid is a famous summertime binocular object. Its name means “divided into three lobes.” If you view this nebula through a telescope, you’ll see why.

Tonight | Aug 17, 2014

Closest conjunction of two planets in 2014 before sunrise August 18

Venus and Jupiter are close in the east at dawn Monday. Wake up 90 to 60 minutes before sunrise to see them!