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Posts by Bruce McClure

Original Iroquois League was known as the Five Nations
Blogs | Oct 22, 2014

Solar eclipse marked beginning of Iroquois Confederacy

Research suggests the total solar eclipse of August, 1142 coincided with the birth of the Iroquois (Five Nations) Confederacy, near modern-day Victor, New York.

Tonight | Oct 22, 2014

Partial solar eclipse for North America on October 23

North America will have a ringside seat to the partial eclipse of the sun on October 23, 2014. Eclipse times and more in this post.

Here is a beautiful aurora, with an Orionid meteor falling above it.  Photo taken in 2013 by Tommy Eliassen Photography in Norway.
Tonight | Oct 21, 2014

Keep watching for Orionid meteors on October 21-22

Will you see any Orionid meteors tonight? Good chance, even though this morning before dawn might have presented the peak numbers.

Halley's Comet at its 1910 visit.  The famous astronomer Edward Emerson Barnard at Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin took this photo.
Tonight | Oct 20, 2014

Orionid meteor shower on night of October 20-21

2014 is an excellent year for the annual Orionid meteor shower. Expect to see about 10 to 15 meteors per hour on the peak morning, October 21.

To see Mars from Earth on October 19, 2014, look westward after sunset.  Mars is faint and far across the solar system now.  You'll need a telescope to see the comet near Mars.
Tonight | Oct 19, 2014

How to see Mars from Earth, as Comet Siding Spring sweeps past

How to see Mars – and some tip to telescopic observations the comet – on this special day. Also, how the comet might look from Mars!

Tonight | Oct 18, 2014

Use Summer Triangle to find plane of Milky Way galaxy

At this time of year, you can use the Summer Triangle — and the constellation Cygnus the Swan — to locate the plane of our Milky Way galaxy.

Tonight | Oct 17, 2014

Keep watching moon and Jupiter to dawn October 18

The moon will be below Jupiter in Saturday’s early morning sky instead of above it. Why? Because the moon moves in orbit around Earth.

Moon, Jupiter close together in predawn/dawn sky on October 17 Read more
Tonight | Oct 16, 2014

Moon and Jupiter close late tonight until dawn October 17

You can’t miss Jupiter. It’s the bright object near the moon from the wee hours after midnight tonight until the hours before Friday’s dawn.

Aquarius via Old Book Art Image Gallery
Tonight | Oct 15, 2014

Aquarius? Here’s your constellation

Look for Aquarius the Water Bearer this month. How to find it, its famous Water Jar asterism, and a few stories from the ancient myths.

Photo Credit: Bob Star
Blogs | Tonight | Oct 14, 2014

Double Cluster in Perseus: Two star clusters

Charles Messier didn’t include the Double Cluster in his famous catalog. That’s probably because there’s nothing like this magnificent cluster anywhere in the sky.