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Beth Lebwohl

18,000+ EarthSky en Español Facebook friends!

As of early January 2012, EarthSky en Espanol had earned 18,000 friends on Facebook … and counting!

Kieran Mulvaney on why polar bears are cool

Journalist Kieran Mulvaney says he fell under the spell of polar bears a decade ago, in Alaska on assignment. His new book is called The Great White Bear.

Cynthia Rosenzweig on climate change and cities

Rosenzweig talked about how climate change will affect – and is already affecting – many of the world’s most important cities.

How your brain cells might be sabotaging your diet

Our brain cells munch on themselves, to keep the body from starving. A new study sheds light on the role this plays in regulating appetite.

Juliet Eilperin on the hidden world of sharks

The author of Demon Fish talked to EarthSky about what scientists are learning about sharks.

Maureen Ogden on preserving New Jersey’s open space

New Jersey’s Keep It Green Campaign works to secure funding to protect the state’s clean water, natural areas, farmland, parks and historic sites.

Joseph Pawlik on sponge overgrowth in the Caribbean

More than half of what used to be coral reefs are now covered with sponges and algae.

Richard Alley on abrupt climate change

EarthSky spoke with Richard Alley, a Penn State geologist and winner of a 2011 Heinz Award for his work on abrupt climate change.

Nate Lewis on artificial photosynthesis

Plants use photosynthesis to make food from the sun’s energy. Dr. Lewis works to mimic that process to create a clean-burning fuel using water and sunlight.

Haibing Ma on China’s wind power woes

Haibing Ma of the Worldwatch Institute said many of China’s wind turbines can’t connect to the country’s larger electric grid.