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The 7 biggest myths about your brain

Surely you’ve heard: ‘You only use 10% of your brain,’ ‘You’re either left-brained or right-brained’, and ‘Alcohol kills brain cells.’

Turns out, science says different. Set your mind straight about your brain.

Video: How the sun can kill us all

Instead of worshiping the giant BBQ death ball, should we be cowering in fear?

Trippy 360-degree timelapse panorama of night sky

A multiple camera, 360 degree, night-sky time-lapse. Way cool …

Video: A drone flies through fireworks

This video of fireworks from the inside is stunning. But not everyone agrees the making of it was a good idea.

Watch, as a Pallas’s cat sees a camera outside its den

Watch a shy Pallas’s cat in its mountain habitat in the Himalayas, as it realizes there’s a camera outside its den.

Arthur may cause rip currents. Here’s what you need to know

As Arthur sweeps up the U.S. East Coast around Fourth of July weekend 2014, rip currents are expected to be a particularly large threat. What to do if you get caught in one.

Video: Dog, elephant, water

A friendly elephant and a swanky Labrador. Unabashedly feelgood. Have a great weekend!

Will El Niño develop later this year?

There’s a 70% chance that El Niño will develop in the equatorial Pacific Ocean later this summer.

Scientists are still unsure how strong the upcoming El Niño event will be. The best estimates right now suggest that the El Niño will be of moderate strength, but those estimates could change as the event draws nearer.

Video: Noctilucent or night shining clouds in motion

NASA released this close-up, time-lapse movie in 2012. It’s really wonderful. Swedish photographer Peter Rosén captured these images of moving noctilucent clouds – sometimes called night-shining clouds – over Stockholm, Sweden on the evening of July 16, 2012. Rosén said:

What looked like a serene view from a distance behaves more like a stormy sea with wave after wave rolling in.

Winners of International Earth & Sky Photo Contest!

Stunning Night Sky Images: Earth & Sky Photo Contest 2014 from Babak Tafreshi on Vimeo.

On June 20, 2014, the international program The World at Night announced the winners of the 5th International Earth and Sky Photo Contest. The contest is a collaboration with the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Global Astronomy Month, and Astronomers Without Borders. Enjoy!