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Is it true that Jupiter protects Earth?

Jupiter’s gravity slings long-period comets out of harm’s way, while nudging some asteroids closer to Earth. And, in 1770, Jupiter took aim on Earth – but missed.

What triggers supervolcano eruptions?

Supervolcanoes – massive eruptions with potential global consequences – don’t appear to follow the conventional volcano mechanics, say researchers.

What is El Niño?

A big El Niño is developing in 2015, say scientists. This NASA video explains El Niño and its impact on the marine food web.

Where did the first dogs come from?

New DNA analysis says your pooch’s ancestors were Central Asian wolves

What are neutrinos?

Neutrinos – which barely exist – just ran off with another Nobel Prize

How to watch a total eclipse of the moon

Are you planning on watching the September 27-28 eclipse outside? Here are some tips.

Why a totally eclipsed moon looks red

If Earth didn’t have an atmosphere, then, when the moon was entirely eclipsed within Earth’s shadow, the moon would would appear dark …

What is a fairy ring?

Have you ever noticed mushrooms growing in a big circle? It’s known as a fairy ring. How does it happen?

evergreen trees conifers

Earth has 3 trillion trees, says study

That’s more than previous estimates. But the number of trees has dropped by 46% since the start of human civilization, says the study.

What is dark energy?

We need dark energy to explain why gravity seems to be driving galaxies in our universe apart instead of pulling them together.