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The Guardians of the Pole

Kochab and Pherkad – 2 stars in the Little Dipper – are called Guardians of the Pole. How to find them and more.

Is Zubeneschamali green?

Although some scientists claim stars can’t look green, many stargazers will swear that Zubeneschamali proves otherwise.

Find the Little Dipper

The Big Dipper is easy to find. But the Little Dipper isn’t. How to find the Little Dipper using the Big Dipper as a guide.

Earliest sunrises before summer solstice

Or – if you live in the Southern Hemisphere – your earliest sunsets are taking place around now. Either way, it happens about a week before the solstice.

Big Dipper high in north on June evenings

Once you find the Big Dipper, you can find the Little Dipper, too. Look for the Big Dipper first, high in the north in the evening at this time of year.

After sunup, look for the daytime moon

In the days after every full moon, look in a blue sky after sunrise for a daytime moon.

Jupiter ends retrograde on June 10

The end of retrograde motion for Jupiter means the best time for viewing the planet in 2017 is over. But giant Jupiter still shines brightly in our evening sky!

Libra? Here’s your constellation

In skylore, Libra the Scales is an age-old symbol of divine justice, harmony and balance. Plus its two brightest stars have the coolest of all star names.

Zubenelgenubi is Libra’s alpha star

It’s now Libra’s alpha star. But Zubenelgenubi is an Arabic name indicating that this star was once perceived as the Southern Claw of Scorpius the Scorpion.

Strawberry Moon up at sunset June 8

The moon you’ll see rise on June 8 isn’t precisely full, but almost. It’s near in the sky to the golden planet Saturn and red star Antares.