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Science Wire | Jun 15, 2015

Philae comet lander is awake!

Seven months after it lost contact with Earth, the Rosetta mission’s Philae lander hibernating on comet 67P has woken up and tweeted, “Hello Earth!”

Science Wire | Jun 14, 2015

New map confirms four Milky Way arms

Astronomers have a map of our galaxy’s overall spiral structure. But they’re still filling in blanks, for example, the number of the Milky Way’s spiral arms.

The sun in extreme ultraviolet, false color green
Science Wire | Jun 14, 2015

10 cool things about stars

Here’s a collection of 10 unexpected, intriguing facts about the stars of our universe – including our sun – that you probably didn’t know!

Pluto from New Horizons, late May and early June, 2015.
Science Wire | Jun 12, 2015

Faces of Pluto emerge in new images

As the New Horizons spacecraft speeds closer to its July flight through the Pluto system, we’re seeing an increasingly complex surface. Best views yet.

Galaxy M101, one of billions of galaxies in our universe.  The bars show the location of a supernova.  Image via NASA/Swift.
Science Wire | Jun 10, 2015

Is the universe really accelerating?

New research questions the claim that the universe is accelerating. But this new work isn’t as strong as some claim.

Science Wire | Jun 10, 2015

Latest image of Ceres bright spots

Scientists are having fun contemplating the spots along with the rest of us. NASA wants you to vote on what you think the spots might be.

Science Wire | Jun 09, 2015

Will Mars glass reveal life signs?

NASA spacecraft discovered deposits of impact glass preserved in Martian craters, possibly preserving ancient signs of life.

Science Wire | Jun 09, 2015

Video: Fine dining in microgravity

An astronaut aboard the ISS prepares one of her favorite meals – quinoa salad with tomato, mackerel and leek cream in a warm tortilla. Here’s how it’s done in space.

Science Wire | Jun 08, 2015

Gorgeous video flies you around Ceres

One of the best videos created via spacecraft images ever! Created with Dawn spacecraft images, it takes you completely around the mysterious dwarf planet, Ceres.

Science Wire | Jun 08, 2015

How light is noon on Pluto?

See for yourself. NASA’s new Pluto Time website helps space fans replicate Pluto’s noontime light conditions from wherever you are in the world.