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Pluto: Preparing for the perfect alignment

Here’s how and why astronomers plan to aim the Hubble Space Telescope and several ground-based telescopes toward Pluto around the July 12 Earth transit.

How often are there 3 eclipses in a month?

In a calendar month, 3 eclipses are rare. But in a lunar month, 3 eclipses are are more common. From 2000-2050, it happens 14 times.

Why no eclipse every full and new moon?

In 2018, there are 13 full moons and 12 new moons, but only 5 eclipses – 2 lunar and 3 solar.

Double moon on July 27? August 27?

Let’s be hoax-busters. This one is sure to be circulating, since it circulates every year. No. Mars will not be as large as the moon on July 27, August 27, or ever.

Fragments of asteroid 2018 LA found in Botswana

Astronomers detected this small asteroid just 8 hours before it struck Earth’s atmosphere over southern Africa on June 2, 2018, producing a terrific explosion. Now researchers report finding its meteorites.

These 2 exoplanets might have seasons and stable climates

New findings suggest that some exoplanets will have stable axial tilts and climates, much as Earth does. This knowledge will help astronomers search for worlds similar to ours – the long-sought Earth 2.0.

EarthSky’s 2018 meteor shower guide

Bad news. In 2018, moonlight will obscure the Delta Aquarid’s nominal peak in late July. Good news! The Delta Aquarids will still be flying at the moon-free Perseid meteor shower peak in early August.

Stunning new views of Ceres’ mystery bright spots

Ceres’ intriguing bright spots have come into full view in these spectacular new high-resolution images from NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, now in its lowest orbit around the dwarf planet.

Have aliens visited Earth? Question worthy of study, says physicist

About 5 percent of all UFO sightings cannot be easily explained by weather or human technology. A physicist argues that there’s compelling evidence to justify serious scientific study and that the skeptics should step aside – for the sake of humanity.

Will we recognize life on a distant world?

“We won’t have a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to finding life elsewhere. What we will have is a high level of confidence that a planet appears alive for reasons that can only be explained by the presence of life.”