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Is there life in the multiverse?

New research shows that life might be common throughout the multiverse … if there is a multiverse.

Thousands of black holes near Milky Way center?

Astrophysicists found 12 possible black holes near the supermassive black hole at our Milky Way’s heart. They could be the 1st known members of a black hole swarm.

Fly over a Mars crater

Fly over Mars’ Neukum Crater, in this video based on images taken by ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft.

European Space Agency considers 3 new mission concepts

ESA considers a high-energy survey of the early universe, an infrared observatory to study the formation of stars, planets and galaxies, and a Venus orbiter.

What will happen when our sun dies?

It won’t happen soon, not for another 5 billion years. Our sun’s fate, here.

What’s a safe distance between us and a supernova?

And how many potentially exploding stars are located within the unsafe distance?

Astronomers report success with machine deep learning

Deep learning is a form of artificial intelligence. In 2 unrelated studies, astronomers report “surprising” success using it to perform research that’s hard or impossible otherwise.

New science from Jupiter

When the Juno spacecraft recently flew over the poles of Jupiter, researchers were astonished. This 5-minute video from NASA explores the latest discoveries.

Hear the Milky Way Blues

Listen to the sound of our galaxy rotating. The variation of musical pitches portrays the motion of gas as it orbits around the center of our galaxy.

Insight Mars is on its way

The Insight Mars lander is due to set down on Mars’ surface in November, 2018.

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