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Science Wire | Apr 15, 2015

New Horizons’ first color pic of Pluto

New Horizons spacecraft is now only three months away from its historic sweep through the Pluto-Charon system in mid-July. First image in color!

Science Wire | Apr 14, 2015

Watch April 16 telecon on MESSENGER’s crash into Mercury

After more than 10 years in space, the spacecraft will collide with Mercury, ending its mission, around late April. NASA telecon scheduled for April 16 at 1 p.m. EDT (17:00 UTC).

Sucessful lift-off of SpaceX Falcon 9 on April 14, 2015.
Science Wire | Apr 14, 2015


SpaceX Dragon capsule now on its way to International Space Station after Tuesday’s successful liftoff via Falcon 9 rocket. Rendezvous set for Friday morning.

Image via New Scientist
Science Wire | Apr 14, 2015

10 surprises about our solar system

A collection of 10 unexpected and intriguing facts about our solar system – our sun and its family of planets – you probably did not know!

Great Saturn storm of 2011 in infrared (center and right) and visible light (left).
Science Wire | Apr 14, 2015

Explaining the great 2011 Saturn storm

A storm on Saturn began in late 2010. Six months later, it wrapped entirely around the planet. Later, it subsided. Two planetary scientists explain.

Science Wire | Apr 13, 2015

Color map suggests a once-active Ceres

Plus … what infrared data show about the Ceres bright spots.

Science Wire | Apr 12, 2015

Mars has belts of glaciers

A thick layer of dust covers the Martian ice. Under the dust, there are glaciers made of frozen water.

Science Wire | Apr 11, 2015

See a cloud passing our Milky Way’s central black hole

Join astronomers in examining the fate of G2, which has survived its encounter with the supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way.

Science Wire | Apr 11, 2015

This image shows an Einstein Ring

The ring is caused by a near-perfect alignment of two galaxies with respect to Earth. One galaxy is ‘lensing’ the other galaxy’s light.

Science Wire | Apr 10, 2015

Life’s building blocks in infant star system

“From a life in the universe point of view, this is great news,” said a researcher.