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Science Wire | Jun 25, 2015

How close to finding alien life?

The search for life beyond Earth has heated up. Here are some of the ways that scientists have been thinking and talking about it.

Science Wire | Jun 25, 2015

Methane in Mars meteorites = life?

Biological processes can produce methane. Its presence in Martian meteorites might mean Mars was or is habitable for microbial life. Or it might not.

Moon shot with blue filter via our friend Jv Noriega
Science Wire | Jun 24, 2015

When is the next Blue Moon?

The moon will be full on July 2, to stage the first of two July 2015 full moons. The second of two full moons in a calendar month is often called a Blue Moon.

Science Wire | Jun 23, 2015

First color movies of Pluto and Charon

It’s not Disney quality, but these distant worlds are real and 3 billion miles (5 billion km) away.

Science Wire | Jun 22, 2015

Geomagnetic storm on its way, June 22 and 23

It’s due to arrive sometime today (June 22, 2015). NOAA forecasters estimate a 90% chance of polar geomagnetic storms when the CME arrives. Aurora alert!

Image credit:  JD Hancock
Science Wire | Jun 22, 2015

Intelligent life in the universe?

Scientific arguments suggest that alien civilizations should be common in our galaxy. If so, where is everybody? That question is known as the Fermi paradox.

Science Wire | Jun 21, 2015

All systems go for Europa mission

Jupiter’s moon Europa is a promising place to look for life beyond Earth. A new mission to Europa is now moving forward from concept review to development.

Earth from space in northern summer via NASA
Science Wire | Jun 20, 2015

Watching solstices and equinoxes from space

How sunlight falls on Earth’s surface during the solstices and equinoxes, as seen from geosynchronous orbit.

Telescopic view of daytime Venus (l) and moon via NASA
Science Wire | Jun 19, 2015

Venus and Jupiter dance in daylight

Most of us think only of viewing planets at night, but sometimes you can catch them in broad daylight! The next great chance to do that is Saturday, June 20.

Science Wire | Jun 19, 2015

Super new views of Saturn’s moon Dione!

The Cassini spacecraft is performing a series of “lasts” over the coming year. This week’s sweep past Dione was the second-to-last.