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Ocean worlds beyond Earth

Earth is an ocean planet. Astronomers are realizing that ocean worlds are all around us in space. New ScienceCast video from NASA.

Who needs dark energy?

Dark energy is thought to be the driver for the expansion of the universe. But do we need dark energy to account for an expanding universe?

Watch space debris conference online

ESA invites you to watch the opening address and more from the European Conference on Space Debris. It’ll begin April 18 at 09:30 CEST.

Is there life on Saturn’s moon?

A form of chemical energy that can support life appears to exist on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. 

More ways sun storms can disrupt things

Scientists are learning more about the way storms on the sun can disrupt our communications satellites and ground-based electric grids.

First-ever image of dark matter?

The scientists say their image, which combines images from more than 23,000 galaxy pairs, confirms dark matter’s existence. Will other astronomers agree?

Jupiter has a Great Cold Spot

The newly discovered Great Cold Spot on Jupiter rivals the scale of the planet’s Great Red Spot. It’s thought to be driven by powerful energies from auroras at Jupiter’s poles.

New views of Uranus’ auroras and rings

NASA just released a new composite image combining Voyager 2 and Hubble data to show both the rings and auroras of Uranus.

The perilous process of star birth

It isn’t a supernova or dying star. It’s an explosion during star birth and provides insights into the sometimes-fierce relationship among sibling stars.

Overtaking the king of planets

This is what the opposition of Jupiter means.