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What is a fogbow?

Fogbows are rainbows’ cousins – made in much the same process – but with the small water droplets inside a fog instead of larger raindrops.

How well can seeds survive in space?

If humans want to live on Mars, we’re going to need to grow food. How well can seeds survive harsh, non-Earth conditions?

Biblical signs in tonight’s sky?

Will the September 23, 2017 sky mirror “signs” from the Bible’s Book of Revelation? Possibly. But this same sky scene has been seen 4 other times in the past 1,000 years. An astronomer explains.

Astronomers find strange, comet-like double asteroid

Comets are loose collections of ice and dust, sometimes with long tails. Asteroids are more rocky or metallic. Now astronomers have found a comet-like double asteroid.

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Star of the week: Fomalhaut

How to see the star Fomalhaut in your sky and a word about Fomalhaut b, the first planet beyond our solar system visible to the eye in photographic images.

All you need to know: September equinox

2017’s September equinox arrives today. Happy autumn (or spring)!

Sun on the sky’s equator

Another great explanation of Friday’s equinox – plus beautiful graphics – from astronomer Guy Ottewell.

Earth will give this spacecraft a gravity boost today

OSIRIS-REx – bound for a 2018 encounter with asteroid Bennu – will sweep in close to Earth on Friday. It’ll be closest today just before 16:52 UTC (12:52 p.m. EDT).

See it! Young moon and Jupiter

Wow! So many beautiful photos of something relatively hard to catch … the young moon returning to the evening sky this week next to the bright planet Jupiter.

Mercury’s poles icier than thought

The scorching hot surface of Mercury – our sun’s innermost planet – seems an unlikely place to find ice. But a new study suggests otherwise.

More evidence of water on Mars

Planetary researchers say a large sedimentary basin, named Aeolis Dorsa, contains some of the planet’s most spectacular and densely packed river deposits.

A Chinese perspective on autumn

Autumn is connected in Chinese thought with the direction west, considered to be the direction of dreams and visions.

Zap! Biologist measures electric eel’s shock on his own arm

Talk about dedication to science! This biologist stuck his arm into an eel tank – 10 times – to get an accurate measure of an eel’s shock. He said it felt “like touching a horse fence.”