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How much warning for supervolcanoes?

Yellowstone supervolcano could deposit ash across the U.S. Northwest, clogging rivers and streams and affecting agriculture. How much advance warning might we have?

Star of the week: Epsilon Lyrae

Binoculars reveal Epsilon Lyrae as a double star – two stars in one. A telescope shows that each component star is also a double. The double double star!

Air conditioning’s big global impact

Global temperatures are poised for another record-breaking year. Higher temperatures combined with higher incomes around the world mean more air conditioners.

Being called a bird brain is no insult

A new study has found that bird brains have significantly more neurons than do mammal – even primate – brains of the same mass.

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Trio of solar flares

The sun emitted 3 mid-level solar flares on July 22-23, 2016. This is what NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory saw.

See all 5 bright planets after sunset

Three of the 5 planets are easy to see. Two aren’t so easy. Charts and info here that can help you see all 5 planets together in late July and early August, 2016.

Watchers spy rare white whale Migaloo

Not all experts agree that the white whale spotted off Australia’s east coast on Tuesday was the beloved Migaloo. But most are adamant it was.

Last quarter moon was July 26

Fun time to see a last quarter moon: just after it rises, shortly after midnight. Then the lighted portion points downward, to the sun below your feet.

Where are Ceres’ large craters?

There’s a curious lack of big craters on the dwarf planet Ceres, largest body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Why?

New China telescope to search for aliens

A 1,600-foot (500-meter) dish called FAST – in southwest China – is now the world’s largest radio telescope. It’s expected to be fully operational in September.

If it’s not a UFO, what is it?

Most Unidentified Flying Objects aren’t unidentified at all. Here’s a list of natural and human-made objects in the sky that people frequently mistake for UFOs.

Sky and Earth time-lapse, New Zealand

A new time-lapse video from New Zealand, showing both its dramatic landscape and the sky above. It’s called “The Edge of Perception.”

Perseid outburst expected in 2016

Outburst – perhaps 200 meteors an hour – predicted for 2016 Perseid meteor shower. Peak night August 11-12, but watch on the nights leading up to the peak, too.