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What’s the birthstone for November?

Happy birthday November babies!  The name of your birthstone, the topaz, comes from a Sanskrit word for fire.

Halloween is a cross-quarter day

The 4 cross-quarter days fall between equinoxes and solstices. Halloween is the spookiest one – derived from a sacred festival of ancient Celts and Druids – coming as days grow short and nights long in the Northern Hemisphere.

Mojave Forsaken: Ghost towns and dark skies

Let the creepiness begin! Just in time for Halloween, a new video from ProjectSkyGlow depicting spooky California ghost towns under the darkest of dark night skies.

How do human genes act in space?

“Looking at gene expression … we really see an explosion, like fireworks taking off, as soon as the human body gets into space.”

A potential human habitat on the moon?

A new study says a hole in the moon’s Marius Hills region is the skylight of an underground lava tube large enough to house a city.

International Observe the Moon Night

A global, public event coming up on October 28. Click in for links to events near you, and to learn how to participate online.

Pluto: Preparing for the perfect alignment

Pluto will cross the plane of the ecliptic – the Earth-sun plane – in 2018. This hasn’t happened since 1931, near the time of the Pluto’s discovery. Astronomers are getting ready!

Artificial intelligence finds 56 new gravitational lens candidates

Using the same technology Tesla is using to teach cars to drive themselves, European astronomers are using artificial intelligence to seek out and find many new gravitational lenses.

Reliving Cassini’s final moments

“Cassini managed to survive for 91 seconds in this epic battle, before tipping over backward during the last 8 seconds and then finally losing radio contact with Earth.”

Watch ISS spacewalk October 20

Friday’s is the last of 3 spacewalks by International Space Station astronauts this month.