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Astronomers to observe Tabby’s Star

Observations begin tonight with the Green Bank radio telescope. Astronomers are seeking evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Do we contain the most elaborate set of instructions? Image via theconverstation /shutterstock

How many genes to make a person?

The answer – fewer than are in a banana – has implications for the study of human health and raises questions about what generates complexity anyway.

The photo illustrates the small size of the tarsier compared to a child. Imag via Thinkstock

Tiny tarsier is our distant cousin

This little guy looks like a big-eyed mouse, but a new genetic analysis puts tarsiers on the branch of the primate evolutionary tree that leads to great apes and humans.

Artist’s impression. Image via James Vaughan.

Asgardia: Space nation or pie in sky?

“I have become citizen number 62 of Asgardia, a new space nation dedicated to expanding peaceful exploration of space for the benefit of humanity.”

Image via asgardia.space

Asgardia, the nation state of space

Russian businessman Igor Ashurbeyli believes that an orbiting space station has the potential to become a sovereign nation in space.

Breakthrough Listen is the largest ever scientific research program aimed at finding evidence of civilizations beyond Earth. Image via Breakthrough Initiatives.

China joins search for alien life

China’s big new radio telescope – now the largest of its type in the world – will join Breakthrough Listen experiments in the U.S. and Australia in seeking extraterrestrial signals.


Do you have a 2nd brain … in your gut?

We’re controlled by more than just our thoughts. New video from AsapSCIENCE


Our future doesn’t have to be dismal

Scientists analyzed sustainability projects around the world and identified overarching trends that can potentially help create a more sustainable future.

Image via learnerlog.org.

Spread of early humans: New findings

New studies reveal the diversity of early human populations and help pin down when we left Africa.


Are we in a sixth mass extinction?

This short video puts modern extinctions in context by comparing them with Earth’s 5 previous mass extinctions.