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Human World

FAQs | Mar 15, 2014

What are the Ides of March, and why beware them?

What are the Ides of March? We in modern times probably wouldn’t know, if it weren’t for William Shakespeare.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 11.49.44 AM
Blogs | Videos | Mar 14, 2014

Video: Bill Nye tells how the Science Guy came to be

Bill Nye uses the unlikely pairing of Steve Martin and Carl Sagan as role models to become “the Science Guy.”

Image Credit: Tim Sheerman-Chase
Blogs | Mar 13, 2014

Do microbes spoil food to avoid sharing?

Don’t enjoy your fruit with a coating of slime and fur? Fine then, that just leaves more for the microbes.

Blogs | Videos | Mar 08, 2014

Cosmos is coming Sunday night

If you watch this three-minute long trailer for the new Cosmos without wanting to tune in to the whole series … you are made of sterner stuff than me.

Steve Mould of TV show Britain's Brightest on BBC
Blogs | Videos | Mar 06, 2014

You’ve gotta see the chain fountain video

The chain fountain looks like a magic trick. But it’s really a problem in the physics of everyday things.

2014 EC will pass closer than moon's orbit March 6, 2014
Blogs | Mar 06, 2014

Another asteroid flies through Earth-moon system on Thursday

For the second time in two days, an asteroid is sweeping safely through the Earth-moon system. How to watch online.

Lightning strikes by U.S. state.  Visit NOAA to see a map weighted by population.  You'll see, for example, that while Texans suffer many lightning strikes, the strike/person ratio is really not bad.
Science Wire | Mar 06, 2014

Where in the U.S. you’re most likely to be struck by lightning

One moment you’re strolling across the golf course. The next moment your body is wracked with the searing pain of 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lightning from space, over California
Science Wire | Mar 06, 2014

Lightning, seen from space

NASA routinely studies lightning space to aid in weather forecasting. A new instrument is being planning for a 2016 launch.

Known asteroid 2014 DX 110
Science Wire | Mar 05, 2014

Watch online as asteroid sweeps within moon’s distance today

Watch online as asteroid 2014 DX110 sweep closer than the moon on Wednesday, March 5.

Photo credit:  oldeyankee/Flickr
Science Wire | Mar 05, 2014

Rising seas threaten world cultural sites, says study

Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, Tower of London and Sydney Opera House are among sites that could be lost to rising seas if current global warming trend continues.