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Human World

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Science Wire | Oct 19, 2015

Brain activity pattern as unique as fingerprint

Your brain scans are quintessentially you, says a new Yale study.

View from the bottom of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory acrylic vessel and PMT array. image credit: Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Science Wire | Oct 16, 2015

What are neutrinos?

Neutrinos – which barely exist – just ran off with another Nobel Prize

Visitors pack into an artificial wave pool at a resort in Daying county in Sichuan province, China.
China Daily/Reuters. View images of World Population Day 2015 from ibtimes.co.uk.
Science Wire | Oct 12, 2015

This date in science: 6 billion humans and counting

In 2011, global population reached 7 billion mark. Today – October 12, 2015 – it stands at more than 7.3 billion, according to United Nations estimates.

Science Wire | Oct 11, 2015

Video: Paddle boarding with whales

Touching juxtaposition of a classic John Lennon song with a magnificent video of whales. Video by Jaimen Hudson.

View larger. | Predicted visibility map for the space technology rocket launch scheduled October 7. Image via NASA/Mission Planning Lab
Science Wire | Oct 06, 2015

See Wednesday’s rocket launch from U.S. mid-Atlantic

Time will be 7 p.m. EDT this evening. People in a wide swath of U.S. mid-Atlantic states can see it, if skies are clear.

Unlike science fiction films featuring grotesque aliens and faraway galaxies, Ridley Scott’s The Martian depicts a sci-fi space mission that could soon be science fact.  Image credit: 20th Century Fox
Science Wire | Oct 05, 2015

How close to sending people to Mars?

There’s now a target date of 2030 for a manned mission to Mars. But how close are we, really, to becoming Martians?

Science Wire | Oct 03, 2015

Sea ice still too thick for Arctic shipping route

Despite climate change, sea ice will continue to make the Northwest Passage too treacherous to be a regular Arctic shipping route for decades, says study.

Visible satellite imagery of Hurricane Joaquin showing an eye forming on 9/30/15. Image Credit: NASA
Science Wire | Oct 02, 2015

U.S. Southeast braces for floods

U.S. landfall looks increasingly unlikely. “Historical” flooding possible in parts of the U.S. Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Image Credit: Aramgutang
Science Wire | Oct 01, 2015

What’s the birthstone for October?

October has two birthstones – opal and tourmaline.

Science Wire | Sep 29, 2015

High ‘supermoon tides’ strike coasts

Sunday’s supermoon, combined with an 18.6-year lunar cycle, caused high tides on both sides of the Atlantic this week. There were many flood warnings and alerts in effect in the UK on Tuesday night. In eastern North America, Tropical Storm Joaquin might combine with high tides to cause flooding.