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Astronomy statement on US travel ban

The International Astronomical Union issued a statement on Monday in response to the U.S. executive order limiting travel from 7 countries. Read it here.

Shark attacks drop to average in 2016

After 2015’s record year, 2016 saw fewer shark attacks worldwide. Here in the U.S., the most happened in Florida.

Opportunity celebrates 13 years on Mars

Last week, NASA’s rover Opportunity celebrated 13 Earth-years exploring Mars. She’s officially a teenager. This new video explains 6 ways she’s behaving like one.

Chinese New Year this weekend

The 2017 Chinese New Year – which coincides with the January new moon – starts this weekend and rings in the Year of the Rooster.

Early humans wiped out big animals in Australia

A new study suggests that humans, not climate change, were the primary cause of extinction of the huge and astonishing creatures that roamed Australia 45,000 years ago.

New Earth images from GOES-16

The satellite’s 1st images since its launch a few months ago. GOES-16 provides 4 times the image resolution – 4 times more detail – than earlier GOES satellites. Weather forecasters are excited!

$40 billion a day for solar super-storms

The probability of another event like the 1859 Carrington event is – at any given time – low. But many believe it’s “almost inevitable” one will occur, eventually. A new study explores the risks.

Why do fatty foods taste so good?

Why do we like fatty foods so much? Fat gives foods some special qualities we like. Plus, the close tie between fat, flavor, fullness, and happiness might be an evolutionary adaptation.

Space sounds film competition, 2017

Both young and established filmmakers are invited to use real sound recorded in space in a new competition launched by Queen Mary University of London. Details here.

Pluto team live on Facebook January 19

The New Horizons team will be discussing the historic Pluto encounter and the spacecraft’s next target in the Kuiper Belt – live on Facebook – beginning at at 4 p.m. EST (21:00 UTC).