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Human World

Science Wire | Nov 10, 2014

Dramatic attempt to land on a comet coming Wednesday

Rosetta spacecraft will do the equivalent of transferring an object from one speeding bullet to another, when it tries to place its Philae lander on its comet.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 7.54.10 AM
Science Wire | Nov 10, 2014

Video: Astronauts put GoPro in floating water ball

Watch three astronauts aboard the ISS having fun with a GoPro and a floating ball of water.

Science Wire | Nov 09, 2014

Bright fireball seen over San Antonio, Texas

Hundreds of sky watchers in Texas reported a bright meteor or fireball Saturday night. It was said to be greenish in color and to rival the brightness of the sun!

Inferred distribution of dark matter superimposed in purple over a Hubble Space Telescope image of the galaxy cluster Abell 1689. Image via NASA, ESA, E. Jullo (JPL/LAM), P. Natarajan (Yale) & J-P. Kneib (LAM)
Science Wire | Nov 09, 2014

Curious about dark matter? Three scientists answer your questions

Why do you bet on axions or WIMPs?
If you find dark matter, what are the next steps?
Will we need a whole new “Dark Standard Model”?
What’s it like searching for something you may never find?

Photo credit: Chris Ford/Flickr
Science Wire | Nov 05, 2014

Watch the pulse of New York City, measured in tweets

Scientists observe the daily heartbeat of different areas of New York City, through the lens of Twitter.

Image via Shutterstock
Blogs | Nov 04, 2014

Collect call from E.T. Do you accept the charges?

Odds are there’s intelligent life out there somewhere among the stars. Why haven’t we heard from an alien civilization? One viewpoint, in this article. What do YOU think?

Genes and proteins run biological clocks that help keep daily rhythms in synch.  Image credit: Wikimedia Commons
Science Wire | Nov 03, 2014

Cool facts about your biological clock

Feeling tired after turning the clock back? That’s because the internal clock that controls your circadian rhythms needs time to adjust.

Clock image via Shutterstock
Blogs | Nov 01, 2014

Remember to set your clocks back on November 2, 2014

Remember to fall back by setting your clocks back one hour, as Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday morning.

Photo via Kurt Magoon on Flickr
Tonight | Oct 31, 2014

Halloween derived from ancient Celtic cross-quarter day

Yes, Halloween is an astronomical holiday.

Marfa lights viewing area this way
Blogs | Oct 31, 2014

Ghost lights: Believe if you dare

In folklore, ghost lights were strange lights seen over swamps or bogs. But we’re more sophisticated today. Aren’t we?