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Zap! Biologist measures electric eel’s shock on his own arm

Talk about dedication to science! This biologist stuck his arm into an eel tank – 10 times – to get an accurate measure of an eel’s shock. He said it felt “like touching a horse fence.”

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017

Which one would you choose?

See it! Dance of planets before dawn

Mars emerged before dawn last week, to meet Mercury below bright Venus. And then the moon passed through. Thanks to all who submitted photos!

Humans are still evolving, say scientists

Scientists have identified genetic variants less common in older people than younger people. They say it’s natural selection at work, continuing to weed out disadvantageous traits.

Openings in Antarctic sea ice influence global climate

Heat escaping through openings in sea ice influences sea and atmospheric temperatures and wind patterns around the globe – even rainfall around the tropics, says new study.

Our Age of Humans in a galactic context

A proposed new classification system – somewhat like the well-known Kardashev scale for classifying extraterrestrial civilizations – and a new way of thinking about human sustainability on Earth.

NASA ponders Saturn mission legacy

A statement from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Cassini mission success at Saturn, and on where solar system exploration will go from here.

How nuclear war would affect Earth’s climate

The climatic effect of a large-scale conflict “… would be similar to that of the giant meteor believed to be responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. This time, we would be the dinosaurs.”

Human antidepressants found in brains of Great Lakes fish

“Fish are receiving this cocktail of drugs 24 hours a day, and we are now finding these drugs in their brains.”

How many house-sized NEOs?

A new study shows house-sized NEOs – Near-Earth Objects – to be 10 times fewer than studies had indicated. Still, there are some 3.5 million NEOs larger than 10 meters across.