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Sunspots during solar eclipse? Probably

Add sunspots to the list of wondrous sights to look for during the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.

Science balloons soaring on new missions

NASA’s Balloon Program is preparing new missions, including one designed to investigate the birth of our universe.

Cassini’s final 5 starts August 14

Today, as part of its Grand Finale, the Cassini spacecraft begins its final 5 orbits, a set of ultra-close sweeps through Saturn’s upper atmosphere.

The story behind the 2017 eclipse stamp

A 1st-of-its-kind stamp that changes when you touch it, commemorating the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse. Fred Espenak – whose photos are on the new stamp – tells the story.

How to know your eclipse glasses are safe

Unscrupulous companies are printing ISO certification labels on fake eclipse glasses. Click here for a link to a reputable vendors page from the American Astronomical Society.

Too hot to fly? How heat affects airlines

Major airports around the world will see more frequent flight restrictions in the coming decades because of increasingly common hot temperatures, say scientists.

See it! Full moon and partial eclipse

We in the Americas missed the partial lunar eclipse. Or maybe you were clouded out … or slept through it? See it after all, in these awesome photos from EarthSky friends from around the world.

To restore soils, feed the microbes

Healthy soil teems with bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms that help store carbon and fend off plant diseases.

What’s the August birthstone?

Happy birthday August babies! Your month has 2 birthstones, peridot and sardonyx.

A test of NASA’s asteroid defense system

Asteroid 2012 TC4 might give Earth a close shave, or pass more distantly, in October, 2017. Scientists are trying to reacquire the asteroid this summer – find it again in space – to determine its precise orbit.