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See it! New Year’s supermoon

What a great way to start 2018! ¬†Photos here from the EarthSky community of 2018’s closest and brightest supermoon. Thanks to all who submitted, and happy new year to all!

2018’s closest supermoon January 1

January has 2 full supermoons. Earth’s western hemisphere has its 1st one on the 1st full night of 2018. Eastern hemisphere? Your fullest supermoon is January 2.

Why the New Year begins on January 1

Celebrating the New Year on January 1 is a civil event, not an astronomical one. And yet nature cooperates to make January 1 a satisfying time to start anew.

Super effect on us from supermoons?

A supermoon’s extra pull of gravity creates higher-than-usual tides. But the moon’s pull doesn’t affect a human body nearly as powerfully as it does an ocean.

Top 7 EarthSky galleries of 2017

EarthSky sends out a year’s worth of thank yous to our friends from around the world who shared images with us throughout the year. Please keep sharing in 2018!

Top 7 EarthSky stories of 2017

Here are 7 of the most-viewed news and feature stories of this past year.

Top 7 EarthSky images of 2017

Here are 7 of your favorite images of the year.

Sorry cat-lovers: New study says dogs are smarter

The study – from a self-confessed dog lover – counted cells in animals’ brains associated with thinking, planning and complex behavior.

Scientists explain insights from ancient Tibetan ice core

A short film about an expedition to Tibet’s Guliya Glacier, where scientists drilled a Stone Age ice core going back 600,000 years. Plus a report on what the ice core reveals.

SpaceX launch wowed many, scared some, in SoCal

SpaceX Falcon 9 launch created an eerie display in the night sky over southern California on the night of December 22. Photos and video here.