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Image credit: Yining Karl Li
Science Wire | Apr 15, 2016

Top 6 things about gravity

Gravity does far more than make things fall down. It governs the motion of planets around the sun, holds galaxies together and determines the structure of the universe.

Bottlenose dolphins have been dying in record numbers in their mothers' womb or shortly after birth in areas affected by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Photo credit: NOAA
Science Wire | Apr 12, 2016

Gulf of Mexico dolphin deaths likely due to oil exposure

Study finds higher rate of illness and death in newborns and juvenile bottlenose dolphins after Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Airplane glory via Brocken Inaglory at Wikipedia
FAQs | Apr 12, 2016

What is a glory?

People traveling in airplanes often see glories. The sun has to be behind your head. You’ll see the plane’s shadow cast on a cloud, surrounded by a halo of light.

The Tadulako University/Western Kentucky University team in Palu, Indonesia.
Science Wire | Apr 04, 2016

Where exactly is the moon? Eclipse stories from Indonesia

The solar eclipse of March 9, 2016 brought together students from around the world – and EarthSky helped to make it happen.

Science Wire | Apr 03, 2016

Ocean temps predict heat waves 50 days out

Scientists identified what they call the Pacific Extreme Pattern – warm seawater next to cool seawater – and showed its connection to heat waves weeks later.

Full moon photo by EarthSky community member Fernando Alvarenga in San Salvador.
Science Wire | Apr 03, 2016

Why does the moon seem to follow you?

You, or your kids, might notice this. When you’re moving in a car, earthly objects get left behind, but the moon seems to follow. Why?

Photo: © Vladimir Melnik / Fotolia
Science Wire | Apr 01, 2016

Sea-level rise underestimated by half?

A new study suggests that sea-level rise over the next 100 years could be nearly double earlier estimates.

A 22W laser used for adaptive optics on the Very Large Telescope in Chile. A suite of similar lasers could be used to alter the shape of a planet's transit for the purpose of broadcasting or cloaking the planet. Credit: ESO / G. Hüdepohl
Science Wire | Apr 01, 2016

Laser cloaking to hide Earth from aliens?

If we wanted to hide Earth from alien civilizations, could we do it? Apparently, we could, according to new work by two scientists at Columbia University.

Photo by Osiris Castillo in Casares, Nicaragua. Visit Osiris on Facebook.
Science Wire | Mar 31, 2016

Global astronomy month begins April 1

April, 2016, is Global Astronomy Month 2016 (#GAM2016), organized by Astronomers Without Borders, whose motto is One People One Sky.

This is this morning's moon - March 27, 2016 - via Deirdre Horan in Dublin, Ireland.  Thanks, Deirdre!
Science Wire | Mar 27, 2016

This is the earliest Easter until 2035

There are 35 dates on which Easter can take place. There won’t be another one as early as today’s Easter Sunday until 2035.