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Today is Walt Whitman’s birthday

“Love the earth and sun and the animals …” – Walt Whitman

Top 10 new species 2018

This year’s list includes a towering tree and a tiny, single-celled protist, as well as a rare great ape and the fossil of an Australian marsupial lion.

On and in extinction

“I am living a few hundred feet above a scar, a surface representing the worst disaster ever inflicted on planet Earth.”

Lightning sprite over Oklahoma. My Best srite lightning capture to date, said photographer Paul Smith.

Lightning sprites over Oklahoma

My best sprite lightning capture to date, said long-time observer Paul Smith.

When was Earth’s 1st snow?

A new study suggests our planet got its 1st snowfall about 2.4 billion years ago, after a lot of land rose swiftly from the sea and set off dramatic changes on Earth.

Scientists track major freshwater change

‘What we are witnessing is major hydrologic change,’ they said. Over 14 years, Earth’s wet land areas got wetter. Dry areas got drier. They also reported multiple hot spots resulting from groundwater depletion.

A case against killing spiders

An entomologist explains why it’s a good idea to be nice to the spiders you encounter and consider a live-and-let-live policy.

Top tips for poison ivy

Summer is a great time to frolic in the woods, but look out for poison ivy, oak, and sumac! Top tips for summer itch-prevention.

Situation at Kilauea Volcano ‘steadily worsening’

A large explosion happened Friday night into Saturday at Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano. The 1st serious injury is reported. USGS warns of the release of toxic gases in a plume called a laze, which happens when molten lava hits sea water. Latest images and videos here.

Scientists measure rise in ozone-destroying chemical

Report on CFC-11 – an illegal chemical responsible for ozone-depletion in Earth’s atmosphere – now apparently on an upswing again. Meanwhile, new direct evidence the ban on CFCs is working and the ozone hole is recovering.