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How did turtles get their shells?

Where did turtles come from? And how did the they get their shells? The answers to these questions caused scientists to rethink the entire history of reptile evolution.

Calling all cloud-gazers! NASA needs your help

Take pictures of clouds to help scientists.

Mexico City earthquake was rare ‘bending’ quake

A new study on the 2017 quake that killed 300 in Mexico City finds that both its location and cause were unusual. But seismologists say it could happen again.

Colorado serenade

You’ll enjoy this one. Gorgeous views of day and night skies over the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

Scientists discover supercolony of 1.5 million penguins

The Adélie penguins on the Danger Islands had gone undetected because the islands are so remote and the water surrounding them so treacherous.

Views of home

Intriguing and inspiring perspectives of our home planet from spacecraft cameras looking back at Earth.

Melting permafrost might unleash carbon within decades

Permafrost in the coldest northern Arctic will thaw enough to become a permanent source of carbon to the atmosphere in this century, says a study.

Wildfires will likely get worse in western North America

A new study projects increases in burning across the U.S. West and Canada. It suggests large fires – such those we’ve seen recently in California – may become more common.

Almost-real-time map of global fishing

“Until now we didn’t really know where people were fishing in vast swaths of the ocean …”

How naked mole rats stay cancer-free

Another piece in the puzzle of how these wrinkled, hairless, buck-toothed creatures live such long and cancer-free lives.