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Whales and dolphins live ‘human-like’ lives

They work together, talk to each other and use tools. A new study links the complexity of Cetacean culture and behavior to the size of their brains.

The UK had a red sun Monday

Social media was buzzing on Monday with photos and accounts of the red sun over the UK. British weather forecasters said it was dust from the Sahara, raised via Hurricane Ophelia.

Creatures raft across Pacific, thanks to tsunami

Hundreds of species hitched a ride on debris from the 2011 Japanese tsunami for a 4,400-mile journey across the Pacific Ocean.

Chasing the northern lights in Alberta

A night sky timelapse by Jack Fusco featuring frozen lakes, fog inversions, and of course the northern lights!

Tropical volcanoes trigger El Niños, says study

A new study shows how large volcanic eruptions cool tropical Africa, spawning El Niño events.

Secret Antarctic ice canyons revealed

Ice shelves in Antarctica are like conveyor belts, continually carrying ice to the sea. Scientists have found hidden canyons on their undersides that may affect the shelves fragility.

Red sprite over Oklahoma

Photographer Paul Smith said he thinks this may be the 1st documented capture of a red sprite over Oklahoma. They’re large-scale electrical discharges – high above thunderstorm clouds – flickering in the night.

Help identify Earth features in astronaut photos

Hey citizen scientists! You’re invited to test a new tool to study Earth using photos taken by International Space Station astronauts. Here’s how.

Why leaves change color in fall

The bright colors are wonderful to behold. But do they have some hidden purpose?

Scientists reveal secrets of lost continent Zealandia

Scientists have just returned from a major expedition to Zealandia, a “hidden” Earth continent, likely submerged beneath the sea surface more than 80 million years ago.