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November 20, 2016. Image via NASA.

Southeastern US wildfires still blazing

Fires continue to blaze in the southeastern United States with no end in sight. Here’s a satellite look at a few of them.

Image via Norio NAKAYAMA/Flickr

Climate change affecting all life on Earth

A new analysis of hundreds of studies says that almost every aspect of life on Earth has been affected by climate change … and that’s not good news for humans.

Dead trees in Kings Canyon National Park in California, via the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and KCBX.

Drought still grips southern California

California has dry spells, but the state hasn’t had exceptional drought since at least 2000. Now, about 20 percent of California is in exceptional drought, and many trees have died.


What happens if the sun disappears?

Some things that would happen here on Earth if our giant source of heat and light were to vanish from the sky, and how long it would take.

Arctic Tern in flight via Wikimedia Commons

Which bird migrates the farthest?

Over its lifetime of about 25 years, an Arctic Tern can fly a million kilometers – nearly three times the distance from the Earth to the moon.

Artist's concept of newly discovered Tongtianlong limosus.

China’s new feathered Mud Dragon dino

A Chinese construction crew unearthed a new dinosaur fossil. It had feathers and a beak. A scientist called it “one of the most beautiful, but saddest, fossils I’ve ever seen.”

Early sunrise by Flickr user Raffee

2016 likely hottest year on record

It’ll be the hottest year on record unless the final weeks of 2016 are the coldest of the 21st century so far, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

Birth of Surtsey in 1963 via NOAA.

Today in science: An island is born

On November 14 1963, crew aboard a trawler sailing near Iceland spotted a column of smoke rising from the sea surface. A new island, Surtsey, was being born.

New Zealand earthquake, November 13, 2016.

Quake and aftershocks rock New Zealand

A powerful earthquake has struck New Zealand’s South Island, causing tsunami waves, landsides, many aftershocks and leaving 2 dead.

Arctic sea ice in 2016. Image via NASA

Decline of Arctic’s thickest sea ice

The Arctic’s multi-year sea ice – ice that survives the summer melt – is weaker and there’s less of it. Satellite images show the difference between 1984 and now.