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Sunspot, and chance of weekend storms

Experts say there’s a 60% chance this weekend of geomagnetic storms, possibly causing auroras. Plus, over the past couple of days, a lone sunspot has grown rapidly!

Breathtaking night-shining clouds

Wonderful video showing noctilucent – or night-shining – clouds recorded on July 1 and 4. These clouds shine in the darkness, typically on summer nights.

How to see anticrepuscular rays

To catch a glimpse of elusive anticrepuscular rays: Next time you see crepuscular rays – sunrays – at sunrise or sunset, turn around.

If greenhouse gas emissions ended now…

Would climate change stop? The simple answer is no. A climate scientist explains.

Earthquake rocks Montana early Thursday

The 5.8-magnitude earthquake in western Montana took place just after midnight, local time. It woke people up near the epicenter and was felt throughout the region. Expect aftershocks.

Tunguska explosion

We celebrate Asteroid Day on June 30 because it’s the anniversary of a 1908 explosion over Siberia that killed reindeer and flattened trees.

Rainbow reflected at sunset

To capture an image like this one, where the sky rainbow and reflected rainbow in the water make a perfect circle, your timing has to be perfect.

An upside down rainbow?

Circumzenithal arcs have been described as an “upside down rainbow” or “a grin in the sky.” They’re wonderful! See photos here.

US Southwest wildfires still burning

Across the US Southwest – amid a record-breaking heat wave – fires that started in early June continue to burn.

How to see a full circle rainbow

It’s possible to see the whole circle of a rainbow – but sky conditions have to be just right. Plus you have to be up high!