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New ideas on dinosaur evolution

Basic facts that paleontologists thought they’d known for 130 years – about dinosaurs’ family trees – might turn out to be wrong.

Rescuing 11 elephants from a mud hole

Asian elephants got stuck in a mud-filled old bomb crater in Cambodia. A collaborative rescue effort saved them all.

Red ring of light over Eastern Europe

The enormous ring of light that appeared in the night sky on April 2 – above a thunderstorm in the Czech Republic – was a rare and fleeting lightning phenomenon.

Use zip code to attract birds to your yard

Audubon website lets you enter your zip code to see a list of the best bird-friendly plants for your yard. Plus a free app to identify the birds you see.

2017 California desert superbloom

After 5 years of exceptional drought, California deserts have exploded with “superblooms” of wildflowers following the wet winter.

Male Emperor penguins are good dads

In fact, they’re one of nature’s best animal dads. This month – autumn in Antarctica – their breeding cycle begins. But there’s still a long winter ahead.

April 3 is John Burroughs’ birthday

John Burroughs – born in 1837 – was one of the first nature writers. He was the first to say, “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”

How flocking birds move in unison

Don’t miss this video! And learn how birds in flocks perform their wonderful, graceful movements. Hint: they don’t just follow a leader, or their neighbors.

Favorite octopus videos

Octopuses (aka octopi or octopodes) are so cool! Here are 5 of our favorite videos featuring those remarkable cephalopods.

April’s birthstone is the diamond

Happy birthday April babies! Your birthstone, the diamond, is the rich cousin of graphite.