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Photo by John Lloyd Griffith
Blogs | Jan 19, 2015

Tides, and the pull of the moon and sun

The sun and moon, the shape of a beach and larger coastline, the angle of a seabed leading up to land, and the prevailing ocean currents and winds all affect the height of the tides.

Image Credit: Brian Jeffery Beggerly
Blogs | Jan 19, 2015

Lifeform of the week: Puffer fish

Killer sushi, stoned dolphins, and zombies; the puffer fish is an animal steeped in scandal.

Lightning inside Tropical Storm via Samantha Cristoforetti aboard the International Space Station.
Blogs | Jan 18, 2015

Electrifying view inside a cyclone from ISS

If you love extreme weather, outer space and photography, you’ll love this image of lightning inside Cyclone Bansi in the Indian Ocean, taken from ISS.

Blogs | FAQs | Jan 18, 2015

What are cloud streets?

Cloud streets are long rows of cumulus clouds that are oriented parallel to the direction of the wind. Check out these cool images!

Science Wire | Jan 17, 2015

2014 warmest year on record

NASA, NOAA, and Japan Meteorological Agency all report 2014 as Earth’s warmest year since modern-day record-keeping began in 1880.

Blogs | Jan 17, 2015

Arctic continues to warm at twice global rate

NOAA’s 2014 Arctic Report Card shows that amplified warming in the Arctic is leading to changes across the land and sea.

FAQs | Jan 16, 2015

Why can’t we feel Earth’s spin?

We can’t feel Earth’s rotation or spin because we’re all moving with it, at the same constant speed.

Mawson, McKay and David on January 16, 1909.
This Date in Science | Jan 16, 2015

This date in science: Near discovery of South Magnetic Pole

Like all Antarctic journeys in the early 1900s, the search for magnetic south was grueling. The outcome was unclear, but the effort is still remembered today.

A research team analyzed sizes for storied sea creatures like whales and sharks and for lesser-known giants like tube worms. View larger. | Image credit: Matthew Maxwell and Pablo Alvarez Vinagre at StudioAM
Science Wire | Jan 15, 2015

See comparative sizes of ocean giants

This image shows the body size for 25 marine species, including whales, sharks, squids, and other ocean giants. Check out the little human swimmer in each row!

Science Wire | Jan 15, 2015

Success! Two men complete historic climb at Yosemite’s El Capitan

Two Americans have become the first to free-climb Yosemite National Park’s Dawn Wall, which has been called the hardest rock climb in the world.