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Earth’s eclipses are special

Solar eclipses aren’t exclusive to Earth, but eclipses viewed from our planet have few rivals in the solar system. A word about Earth’s solar eclipses, and what eclipses would be like on other planets, here.

August guide to the bright planets

Jupiter and Saturn are easy to see in the evening. Dazzling Venus lights up the morning sky. Mercury sinks into the glare of sunset. Mars stays deeply buried in the glare of sunrise.

Sagittarius? Here’s your constellation

How to find Sagittarius on August evenings, plus the lore and science of this constellation.

EarthSky’s meteor shower guide for 2017

There’s a rumor going around about a spectacular meteor shower on August 12, 2017. True? No. All you need to know about 2017’s Perseid meteor shower – and the year’s other major meteor showers – here.

Watch for Delta Aquarid meteors

The Delta Aquarid shower is long and rambling and overlaps with the Perseids. Since the moon will be bright during this year’s Perseid peak, this weekend is a great time to watch meteors.

Epsilon Lyrae is the famous Double Double star

Binoculars reveal that Epsilon Lyrae is a double star – two stars in one. A telescope shows that each component star is also a double. The double double star!

How to find Delta Aquarid radiant point

How to spot the radiant point for the Delta Aquarid meteor shower, going on now. Plus … why meteors in annual showers have radiant points.

Awesome beauty of the Eagle Nebula

The Eagle Nebula – aka Messier 16 or M16 – is home to several famous structures, including the Pillars of Creation and the Stellar Spire.

Vega is the Harp Star

One of the prettiest stories in all skylore surrounds this star. “On the 7th night of the 7th moon … “

A shadow-band project for August 21

Shadow bands are elusive ripples of alternate light and dark, flitting over the ground or the sides of buildings during a total solar eclipse. How to take part in an International Shadow Band Campaign during the August 21 eclipse.