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Al Risha knots Fishes of Pisces

The star Al Risha in the constellation Pisces is not bright. But – at the tip of the graceful V in Pisces – it’s very noticeable.

November 2017 full moon a supermoon?

The 11th of 2017’s 12 full moons falls on November 3-4. It’s the 2nd-closest full moon in 2017, but is it a supermoon?

Taurid fireballs this weekend?

Although a modest shower, perhaps offering 5 meteors per hour, the Taurid shower just might produce some fireballs under the light of the full moon.

November guide to the bright planets

As November opens, Venus and Mars are up before dawn. Jupiter peeps over the sunrise horizon after November’s 1st week and sweeps spectacularly near Venus. Saturn and Mercury are evening planets.

Halloween is a cross-quarter day

The 4 cross-quarter days fall between equinoxes and solstices. Halloween is the spookiest one – derived from a sacred festival of ancient Celts and Druids – coming as days grow short and nights long in the Northern Hemisphere.

Small Magellanic Cloud orbits Milky Way

You need to be in Earth’s Southern Hemisphere to see the Small Magellanic Cloud. It looks like a luminous cloud, but it’s really a dwarf galaxy, orbiting our Milky Way.

Algol is the Demon Star

What’s the scariest star in all the heavens? Around Halloween, look for Algol – a star named for a demon!

Mirach is guide star to three galaxies

The orange-colored star Mirach in the constellation Andromeda acts as your guide star to 3 different galaxies.

International Observe the Moon Night

A global, public event coming up on October 28. Click in for links to events near you, and to learn how to participate online.

Watch for zodiacal light or false dawn

It’s not too late to see the zodiacal light, an eerie light extending up from the horizon before true dawn begins to light the sky. Southern Hemisphere? Look after sunset!